Anupama 18th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 18th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Romil orders the servant to bring him black coffee, telling Anuj that he doesn’t believe in the proverb ‘let bygones be bygones’. Romil says he was just asking the servant for coffee. Anupama says he should do his chores himself, but if someone is helping him, he should be polite to them; he can refer to Anil as Anil bhai or dada. She calls Anil. Romil asks Anil to take him coffee.

Romil says he was doing the same till 3 a.m. last night. Anuj says he doesn’t care. He asks him to clean up the mess he and his friend made last night. Anuj says he doesn’t care. He picks up alcohol bottles. Pakhi tries to assist him, but he angrily stops her. He reminds Anu she has a cultural festival to attend, asks her to get ready, and drops her off when he arrives.

The Shahs enjoy breakfast. Kavya joins. Leela offers her kesar kheer. Kavya tastes it and says it’s yummy. Vanraj smiles when he sees Kavya happy. However, he gets sad when he recalls Kavya confessing that Anirudh fathered her child. Samar joins them. Ladies are happy seeing all four men together. Kinjal says they chatted till late at night and must have become friends again. Leela offers Samar thepla.

Upon stopping Samar, Dimpy says she has already prepared breakfast for them (sandwich and porridge) and is waiting for him. Leela sadly lowers her hand. Samar holds her hand and enjoys thepla, leaving the family happy and Dimpy frowning. Dimpy walks away holding the breakfast tray and says he will have breakfast with the family today. He says he will have a bite from Leela and say he will have breakfast with the family today. Samar feeds Leela a bite and then joins the family males.

In frustration, Romil takes out his anger towards Anuj by throwing darts at a dart board. Just then, Pakhi enters the room. He reminds her that he had previously warned her to knock before entering and criticizes Anuj and Anupama for their unacceptable behavior caused by Pakhi. She retorts that they would have punished him regardless of her presence. Romil maintains that he is not in the wrong and is being unfairly punished. Fed up, Pakhi tells him to stop. He continues to express his thoughts about how Pakhi’s mother lectures others while ignoring her own daughter’s struggles, and ends up asking who she is to him and orders her to leave. As Pakhi exits, she hopes that Romil does not reveal anything about the problems between herself and Adhik.

As Anupama prepares for her performance at the cultural event, she receives Anuj’s best wishes and prays that the event will go smoothly. The host announces that the dance jugalbandi will be performed with Vandana Karmarkar’s singing on Jeele Zara song. Anupama joins her to rehearse a song. She introduces herself, then Vandana introduces herself and asks if Anupama is doing jugalbandi with her. Their interactions are excellent.

A call from Vandana’s fiance makes her feel shy. Anupama asks if it’s her boyfriend. As Vandana explains, she knows everything, she’s getting married in 2 months, and she hopes to keep her family financially stable even after her marriage. Anupama lectures on dreams and then they perform on stage. In a long sentence, Anupama wishes her good luck in her future after gifting her Ganapati Bappa’s idol.


After witnessing Adhik’s warning and physical altercation with Pakhi, Anu voices her disapproval. Pakhi, however, defends their behavior by saying it is a normal occurrence between spouses. Anu firmly disagrees, stating that no one should ever raise their hand on another person. Pakhi then justifies Adhik’s actions by saying he supports her when she makes mistakes and expects the same treatment in return. Anupama interjects, pointing out that Pakhi was being disrespectful and Adhik’s behavior is unacceptable and damaging to marriages. Pakhi argues back that Anupama has no right to lecture on relationships as she herself is still struggling. Regardless, Pakhi declares she will not leave Adhik and asserts her final decision.


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