Anupama 1st March 2023 written update

Anupama written update

Written update of today’s episode.

Anupama expresses to Anuj that it’s difficult for her to remain composed when Vanraj provokes her. He responds by telling her not to worry about what others think and assures her that he believes in her. She then shares with him a sentiment she has never conveyed before: she wishes not to see Vanraj ever again, and only visits the Shah household due to her children. In order to keep their promise of sharing everything between them, Anupama feels relieved after expressing herself fully.

Anupama asks Anuj what he wanted to share with Maaya. He remembers the fight and kiss that took place during the picnic.

Maaya’s mind races to how Anuj fought for her. She looks in the mirror and blushes. She thinks that Anuj has feelings for her because he allowed her to stay in the house for so long. Maaya receives a call from Kavya.

Anuj lies to Anupama

Anupama asks Anuj what is troubling him so much. He asks for forgiveness. He apologizes that he didn’t take her for the picnic. Anupamaa tells him he has something else to say, but Anuj refuses. His office accountant calls him shortly thereafter. He says he feels guilty. Anupama signals to him that she is serving food and then goes away.

Anuj wonders whether he did the right thing by hiding the facts from her, but he loves her very much nonetheless.

After seeing Kavya and Maaya talking outside, Anupama makes coffee for them both.

Maaya tells Kavya about her feelings for Anuj

Kavya apologizes to Maaya for any trouble caused by Vanraj and assures her that she will now keep her personal and professional life separate. She explains that she thought Vanraj truly cared for her but was wrong. Kavya points out that Vanraj is yet to move on from Anupama and the bond between them is still strong. Kavya understands Anupama does not love Vanraj anymore, but the same cannot be said of him. She announces to Maaya that she has chosen to partner with her ex-husband once again and go back to work with him.

Kavya was embarrassed for having bared her soul to Maaya, but Maaya reassured her that it’s natural to open up to others. Not missing a beat, Maaya proceeded to tell Kavya about Anuj and her own feelings for him. Stunned, Kavya questioned the logic of Anuj keeping something like that from Anupama, who she presumed shared all secrets with Anuj. Maaya replied saying that there must be something else on Anuj’s mind too.

Then Anupama comes and they are both quiet. Anupama keeps asking them what happened, and Maaya explains that they were discussing what happened on the set during Kavya’s shoot.

Ankush realizes that something is wrong with Anuj and knows that it is related to Maaya. However, Anuj refuses to share any information with Ankush.

Kavya asks Maaya why she is so cool and not afraid at all. Maaya says she wants to stay in the house for a little longer, so Kavya shouldn’t tell anyone anything now. Kavya asks Maaya not to hurt Anupama again because she has gone through this pain previously. When we do wrong, God punishes us sometimes, Kavya says.

In the midst of the conversation, Kavya tells Maaya that Anuj loves Anupama deeply. Anupama arrives with cake and agrees that Anuj loves her deeply. Kavya is too shocked and worried to stay. She hugs Anupama and cries.

Kavya tells Anupama that Maaya loves Anuj

Kavya tells Anupama that Maaya loves Anuj. Maaya agrees. Vanraj wants to know why Anuj hasn’t told Anupama anything if he is not guilty.

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