Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Episode on

From the gurukul, Anupama limps towards Shah house as she prepares for Satyanarayan pooja. Bhairavi says Gurumaa scolded and punished her heavily today. Anupama says it is a teacher’s blessing. Bhairavi asks why she cannot get her blessing right away. Anupama asks her to stop now and thinks that Anuj would be at the Shah house at Samar’s pooja, so she will have a hard time today.

Shahs make preparations for the pooja. Dolly and Meenu visit, and Leela remarks on how much Meenu has grown. Meenu quickly admonishes her, mentioning everyone’s age is a no-no. Dolly scolds her for being impolite but Leela insists that it’s alright as long as she hasn’t gone too far. Conversation turns to Sanjay, who has apparently achieved AGM at his office; though surprised by the news, Dolly says she will take time off so as to attend all functions related to the wedding. Shahs bring up the matter of how a groom himself manages his own nuptials; followed by a query from Dolly about when Anupama Bhabhi will arrive, with Meenu inquiring if “Little Anu” will join them too. The topic then takes an abrupt change.

She meets each family member and goes to her room. Vanraj follows her. Vanraj remembers their feud. Leela says they thought Kavya wouldn’t attend Samar’s wedding. Kavya asks what would be the point of not attending Samar’s wedding if Anupama had invited her.

As Anupama approaches Shah’s house, she feels nervous. Anupama remembers the moments she had with Anuj and buys her a gajra/flowers as he liked. O Sathi Re… song plays in the background. She looks for Anuj eagerly.

As Vanraj walks to Kavya, Kavya asks how he is doing because she heard he had a heart attack. He says he is fine. Kavya says Leela blamed her for the heart attack. Vanraj asks about Leela and asks how she is doing. As soon as she leaves him, he says she’s glowing. She asks about his job and he says it’s good.

Nervously, she admits that she’s decided to take a break, emphasizing her shift towards prioritizing quality over quantity in her work. Although she’s aware that Maaya and Little Anu will be arriving with Anuj, she can’t help but worry about the potential outcome when Anuj and Anupama cross paths. As the pooja commences, she quietly steps away.

Seeing Anupama slip, Anuj fixes her sandal. A song plays in the background: Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata. Leela asks Kanta about Anupama. Bhairavi says she’s outside. Samar says Dimpy texted her that she was on her way. Vanraj arrives to receive Anupama. Kavya notices. Vanraj becomes jealous seeing Anuj and Anupama together and hopes someone breaks this moment.

Anupama and Anuj both desperately wanting to put their silence to an end; Little Anu enters the room, calling out for her father. Without awaiting a reply, the emotional mother rushes towards her daughter and gently comforts her in an embrace. Unaware of what was happening around her, the small child remained motionless, prompting Anupama to inquire if something wasn’t right – inquiring if she had a fever or not. The mother reflects on her daughter’s tender love for her and expresses how sad she was being away from Little Anu; as she speaks further, asking if nothing had occurred during their absence, the child responds unenthusiastically with a ‘No’. Maaya strides into the vicinity and asks about Anupama’s well-being.

After walking into Shah house with Dimpy and Ankush, Adhik, Barkha, and Paakhi, little Anu frees her hand from Anupama, asks her parents if they can leave now, and leaves holding their hand. Hearing that, Anupama stands shattered. As little Anu sees Vanraj, he greets him. Anuj asks Vanraj about his health. Vanraj says he’s fine, but Anuj says he’s mad because he chose a stone over a diamond. Anuj says that it is none of his business.

As Vanraj says, he is concerned about someone else. Maaya tells Anuj to go in, and Vanraj says whatever the reason is, they are welcome. Leela asks someone to call Anupama to start pooja. When Anuj walks in holding Little Anu’s and Maaya’s hands, everyone becomes angry. Anuj greets Hasmukh and Leela. Kanta turns her head. Anuj meets Dimpy. Samar turns his head. Ankush pats Anuj and Anuj hugs him tightly.


Anuj sits with Maaya for pooja instead of Anupama as Leela wants to know about their relationship.

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