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Suhaagan 6th June 2023 Written Update on

As Bindiya attempts to reach everyone and the Sarpanch, she hits the floor with the stick to get their attention. Sarpanch asks her what she wants to say. As a result of her parents’ deaths, Dadi took care of and loved them for her. She says we have promised to never separate. Dadi is a crucial part of their lives, and she says if we are separated, we will all die together.

Madan and Phoolmati argue about the property share. Madan agrees to give her 50 per cent. Bhim comes and says Rekha isn’t here. Phoolmati wonders if she’s eloped. They see Rekha coming there. The Sarpanch says he’ll check them out. Rekha states that if Bansi were to break the door and enter, Madan should request Bhim to handle the situation. Phoolmati then informs her that Bhim may not be capable of dealing with Bansi. In response, Rekha asserts that she will take care of it herself.

The Sarpanch invites them to join him, and they comply by arriving. He then directs them to remain here and look after Dadi and the children. In response, Phoolmati asks, “Who will attend to my garden and in-laws if I stay here?” Madan has business in the city, so she asks the Sarpanch to act in their favour. She informs Sarpanch that since Dadi became ill, Bindiya has been doing all the work alone, and has taken care of Ram Pyaari.

She says she doesn’t want to be burdened on anyone and asks why Mama and Bua don’t understand that I don’t want them. Madan informs Bindiya that she needs a daily wage for her livelihood. He asks everyone about their wages and tells them that 200 is the minimum needed for their livelihood. Bindiya and Payal are invited along. They are told that they will earn 200 per day, and Bansi keeps the grass cutter on Rekha’s neck for three days.

The Sarpanch states that Bindiya is pleading for an opportunity and her parents Shyam and Lajwanti were honest individuals he does not want to grieve them and consent to give her a chance. Rekha vigorously strikes Bansi with the same blade after nipping his hand. Phoolmati inquires if he is the Panchayat or Pajama and requests him to choose in their favor, causing the Sarpanch to become annoyed. Madan urges him to be composed, while Payal makes a joke. Madan queries what will become of Bindiya if she doesn’t prevail, to which the Sarpanch answers that the verdict then will be in Phoolmati’s and Madan’s benefit. With this, Madan leaves.

Taking him lightly, Bansi says he doesn’t know what he can do. Rekha asks him to touch her and then she will show him what she can do. Bansi follows her out.

Phoolmati blames Madan. Madan says Bindiya’s confidence increased due to your challenge. Bansi follows Rekha after Madan.

Dadi questions Bindiya how she’s going to fight this battle without the farm or Ram Pyaari being ready. The girl confidently replies that if she works hard, she will definitely succeed. Payal is not worried because, as she states, Bindi always does what she says. Rekha tears her sleeve and yells for assistance. Madan and the villagers arrive in response and he incites them to attack Bansi, who then gets beaten up. Rekha tells Madan that no one will tease anymore. Phoolmati compliments Bhim on his intelligence while the Sarpanch tells Bindiya he expects her to win within three days.


Bindiya makes papad to earn money. Dadi guides her. Madan says to Phulwari that we must ensure Bindiya doesn’t succeed in this papad business.

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