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The Episode begins with Payal feigning fainting, causing Vikram to rush to her side and attempt to revive her. As she regains consciousness, she is taken aback to see Krish leaving. Insisting that she is fine, she quickly exits the scene. Meanwhile, Sakshi informs Indu that Bindiya did not wear the rani necklace they had gifted her, and suggests putting it on her after the wedding. Indu agrees and requests Sakshi to assist with putting on the necklace. Nidhi adds that they should remove the small chain first, prompting Sakshi to move forward with removing it.

Bindiya intervenes by holding onto Nidhi’s hand. Nidhi inquires why she is getting worked up over Bhabhi taking off the chain, as it does not appear to be expensive. Bindiya expresses that this particular chain holds sentimental value for her. Nidhi compliments Indu’s sharp tongue and strong will. However, Bindiya asserts that this chain is her late mother’s cherished possession, and she wishes to remove it today. Unfortunately, Indu’s friends mock her instead. Indu advises Bindiya not to dishonor her mother-in-law and suggests wearing the jewelry given by her instead. Feeling apologetic, Bindiya respectfully declines and stands firm in her decision.

Sakshi questions how one could possibly reject Mummy ji’s request and reaches for the chain. Indu intervenes upon seeing Baldev approach. Bindiya assures that she will uphold their honor and adorns the jewelry offered by them. Baldev’s spirits lift at this gesture. As the photographer captures their picture, Bindiya and Krish beam with delight. A song plays in the background…Seeing Krish and Bindiya pose together, Payal seethes with jealousy and resentment. Before Dadi announces it’s time to start the wedding rituals, Krish suggests taking Bindiya to get dressed. Taking advantage of his momentary freedom, Payal begins to scheme in her mind.

Dadi advises Bindiya to wear a yellow saree for her marriage, as it is considered auspicious. Agreeing, Bindiya assures Dadi that she will treat everyone with respect and kindness. Nikku informs Krish that Payal has called him, possibly to confess something. Overjoyed, Krish embraces him and states that he trusts Payal completely, having seen genuine tears in her eyes. He excitedly proclaims that he will go and bring his beloved in his arms. With love in his heart, Krish heads out to meet Payal and gives Indu a warm hug on the way. Puzzled, Indu wonders why Krish is brimming with happiness.

Payal eagerly waits for Krish’s arrival, anticipation written all over her face. She can finally put an end to this ongoing drama. A smirk appears on Payal’s lips as she expresses her reluctance towards the impending marriage. Her attention then shifts to Bindiya, who is standing nearby. Curious, Bindiya questions Payal about why she is against the marriage. Payal can’t fathom the idea of living without Bindiya, who has been her constant support since childhood. However, Bindiya reminds her that eventually all girls have to leave their homes one day according to their society’s customs. Payal continues to express her concerns about being separated from Bindiya, but Bindiya reassures her that they will always be together in mind and heart. As Payal nervously awaits Krish’s arrival, she can’t help but think about how the situation seems never-ending.

While speaking to Bindiya, Payal expresses her happiness for her friend’s good fortune in finding Krishna as a life partner. She notes how their tastes and preferences seem perfectly aligned, almost as if they were meant for each other. Payal admires the genuine care and affection that Krishna shows towards Bindiya’s simplicity and goodness, and comments on how quickly she has fallen in love with him. Wishing for their lasting happiness, she prays to God to keep them together forever. As Bindiya embraces Payal in gratitude, Krish overhears their conversation and is visibly upset, with tears in his eyes. Feeling shattered by Payal’s words, Krish quietly walks away, realizing that it was he who was broken all along.


As Baldev asks who is there, Payal thinks Baldev heard her. She hides in the truck, which begins to move. Payal shouts that this marriage cannot take place. Krish and Bindiya make their rounds.

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