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The Episode begins with Payal confronting Bindiya about having a thief in their house. In response, Bindiya throws objects at the perceived thief, while Krishna defends himself by claiming his innocence. Eventually, Bindiya and Krishna leave the house to go to Master ji’s place. As they walk, Bindiya covers Krishna’s head with a dupatta and jokes with him to walk like a girl, prompting him to humorously protest against being turned into one. However, their laughter is interrupted when they see some goons approaching them, causing Bindiya to push Krishna in fear. Wondering why she pushed him, Krishna soon realizes that they are being pursued by the goons and they quickly hide.

The authorities arrived with Krishna’s father and he inquired with the criminals if they had spotted the young boy. However, they denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. Krishna then turned to Bindiya and questioned why her sister seemed rude while she herself was kind and supportive, even calling her sister “crazy”. Bindiya explained that her sister was usually very sweet but had been upset for the past two days. Krishna then speculated that she must have made a mistake, to which Bindiya recalled her father’s wise words about learning from one’s mistakes. Impressed, Krishna commented on the valuable lesson and handed her a friendship band as a symbol of their new bond.

Bindiya believes she has nothing to offer him. She separates the friendship bracelet and presents half to him, explaining that it represents their bond. She suggests they both wear the bracelets and inquires about his name. Suddenly, they hear a police jeep approaching and try to flag it down, but it passes by. Bindiya reassures Krishna and suggests they go to Master ji’s house. As they are walking, Bindiya notices some thugs and urges Krishna to flee. However, their escape is interrupted by a nosy neighbor who questions Bindiya’s identity. The thugs spot Krishna and Bindiya grabs his hand as they run in different directions.

As one goon tails Bindiya and the other chases after Krishna, Bindiya is startled to find the first goon blocking her path. While Krishna continues his escape with the second goon hot on his heels, Dadi becomes anxious for Bindiya’s safety. Payal makes light of Bindiya’s reaction, comparing it to seeing Ranbir Kapoor. Krishna eventually returns to Bindiya’s home, where Payal demands he leave immediately and physically throws him out. Meanwhile, the goons reveal their cruel intentions towards Bindiya, even planning to sell her kidneys. In a moment of bravery, she pushes one of them away and makes a run for it. Krishna and Payal witness her arrival and she urges them to flee as well. Together, they make it inside the house just as the goons catch up and start pounding on the door. Fearing for their safety, Bindiya suggests they allow the goons inside while they take advantage of an opportunity to seek help from Masterji or Sarpanch ji nearby. Krishna praises her plan while Payal expresses annoyance at Dadi being left behind. However, Bindiya insists that they must hide Dadi to keep her safe. She leads D

Bindiya closes all the windows to make the house dark after Indu asks her husband if Krish is found. He says he is searching for him and asks her to calm down. Bindiya then spills oil on her way, and hides with Payal and Krishna. The goons get inside and push the furniture. They step on the oil and fall down. Dadi prays to Ambe Maa. Bindiya and Kirshna go to the other side while the goons catch Payal’s hand. Payal asks Bindiya to save her.

Dadi tells the girls that the boy is here to end their problems. Bindiya says she has three conditions for Payal.

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