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The Episode begins with Krishna attempting to enter Bindiya’s house, but before he can do so, Payal interrupts and he quickly flees. Payal reminds Bindiya that the lawn belongs to her and asks her not to cross onto her side. Bindiya responds by cleaning up her own side of the lawn and instructs Payal to do the same for her side. Meanwhile, Krishna returns to Bindiya’s house, thinking it is the same one as before. However, unknown to him, his parents receive a call from Vikram who informs them that their son has been kidnapped. This comes as a shock to them. The kidnappers assume that they would have already received a ransom call if they successfully captured the boy. Unaware of this, Krishna enters Bindiya’s house once again and hides upon seeing Payal.

As Bindiya waits for Dadi, Krishna enters the house in search of her mobile. She quickly hides under the bed upon seeing Payal. Payal then joins her on the bed. Meanwhile, Bindiya brings food for everyone. Dadi urges Payal to end their fight and apologizes to Bindiya, but she adamantly refuses. Bindiya also declines Dadi’s request to apologize, suggesting that they simply focus on enjoying their meal together. However, Payal expresses regret at how quickly things have changed between them. Despite this, Bindiya remains firm in her decision not to forgive Payal, while Dadi continues to implore her to make amends. Unfortunately, Payal refuses to do so.

Krishna, also feeling hunger, distracts the group by throwing a ball. He then grabs Bindiya’s roti and consumes it. Bindiya questions Payal about her previous lesson on not taking food without asking. Payal denies taking anything and someone knocks at the door. Bindiya goes to answer it while Payal decides to check as well since it is her home too. As they open the door, Krishna scoops up some rice in his hand and accidentally drops some on the floor. The intruders explain that they are searching for a 12-13-year-old thief who stole their money.

Bindiya requests him to file the report, but the goons react with panic and insist on searching him first. They ask for a pen and instruct her to call them if she finds the missing boy. Bindiya retrieves a pen from the room where she eventually locates the young boy. He gratefully folds his hands in appreciation. After returning outside, Bindiya hands over the pen to the goons who promptly write down their contact information. She then closes the door and leads Krishna out of the room. However, as they make their exit, Payal unexpectedly yells, “thief!” This momentarily makes the troublemakers consider turning back, but ultimately, they choose to depart. Krishna then reveals that he was kidnapped while walking home from school. His worried parents inform the inspector about their son’s abduction by these very same delinquents, a situation witnessed by their other children.

Bindiya and Dadi believe his words, while Payal remains skeptical. Bindiya affirms his honesty and reminds Payal of her own traumatic experience when she was abducted and needed assistance. Indu implores her husband to sell their jewelry in order to retrieve their son. Her husband hesitates, suggesting they wait for the ransom call first. Krishna requests to speak with his family and asks for the phone. Payal mocks Bindiya and makes snide remarks. Undeterred, Bindiya promises to find a way for Krishna to communicate with his family, mentioning Master ji’s phone. Payal refuses to have a thief in her home and urges Bindiya to take him away with her.


The goon catches Bindiya and says he will sell her kidneys as she failed their plan to kidnap the boy. Krishna and Bindiya run.

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