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The Episode opens with Phoolmati urging Sarpanch to discipline Payal and suggests sending her to jail. Bindiya intervenes, pleading for forgiveness for Payal and promising that she has learned her lesson. However, Sarpanch is adamant about punishing Payal. Phoolmati then proposes either sending her to their own jail or the police jail, as she is determined to reform Payal. Turning to Bindiya, she inquires about her preference for Payal’s confinement – whether it be at their jail or the police station. Despite recalling Phoolmati’s cruel treatment towards them, Bindiya ultimately decides that her own jail would be the best place for Payal.

The Sarpanch insists that Phoolmati stay with you, believing it would be beneficial. Phoolmati then requests Bindiya to ready her mattress and holds Payal accountable for the current situation, claiming that if Bindiya had given her phone earlier, things would have turned out differently. She stirs up Payal against Bindiya, emphasizing how the latter is responsible for her being blamed and shamed. As she leaves with Amy, she vows to destroy their love. Later at home, Dadi questions Payal’s motives for stealing the phone. She reminds Payal that today’s events could have been avoided if not for Bindiya’s intervention, and praises Bindiya’s domestic skills. However, Payal grows frustrated and expresses her resentment towards Bindiya taking all the credit for any good deeds while she herself receives no recognition in this household.

She reveals that Bindiya’s presence lingers in her life. Despite Dadi’s disapproval, she defends Bindiya, who always puts others before herself. Payal reminds her of the humiliation she faced when she was accused of theft because Bindiya failed to provide her with a phone. In response, Bindiya asks what she means by this accusation. Payal, feeling neglected and unloved, blames Bindiya for wishing her dead alongside their parents. In anger, Bindiya raises her hand to strike Payal, who now believes that Bindiya will physically harm her as well. Bindiya expresses disbelief at Payal’s words and questions how she could even think such things. Frustrated and hurt, Payal suggests they go their separate ways. The emotional exchange between Bindiya and Payal causes both of them and Dadi to cry.

Phoolmati explains to Amy that she has caused a rift between the sisters. Concerned, Amy suggests going to their house, but Phoolmati suggests they go to Nani’s instead. In fact, she adds, they should make Nani’s their permanent residence. Meanwhile, Payal takes flour and proposes dividing the house with Bindiya. However, Bindiya disagrees and tries to remove the line, stating that their home cannot be divided like a piece of candy. She worries about what others will think and insists on erasing the line.

Payal proves her artistic skills by drawing an indelible line, despite Bindiya’s futile attempts to wipe it off. Bindiya is amazed and Playal proudly mentions that their parents’ home holds many valuable lessons. Inquisitive, Bindiya asks who taught Payal this technique. Payal retorts whether Bindiya is being greedy, trying to claim a share of her inheritance. Dadi expresses disapproval at Payal crossing boundaries, while Bindiya agrees and adds that she even wished for Bindiya’s death along with their parents. Bindiya clarifies that she was against partition out of love, not greed. However, after this incident, she will no longer hold back and refuses to even look at Payal.

It shows a boy running while a car follows him. Some goons get out of the car and follow the boy. Bindiya offers bath to Ram Pyari and tells him that animals are honest.


A boy gets into Bindiya’s house and hides under the bed. Payal and the goons inform Bindiya that the boy has stolen their money. Bindiya finds the boy under the bed.

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