Suhaagan 17th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Amma’s Dramatic Search Adventure


Suhaagan 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Bindiya, Krish, and Baldev begin searching for Amma. Indu asks Payal if all the sharp things in her room have been moved. She answers yes. The servant asks what to do with the hunter. Indu asks what you do with it. Sakshi says she hunts your babu. Indu says I will pull out her eye if she hunts my babu. Sakshi says romantic hunt and says it’s like a handcuff. Though I have three children, we have never used such things before.

The servant tells Payal that she has checked all the rooms. Payal orders them to pack the stuff and leave. Baldev, Krish, and Bindiya are searching for Amma in different directions. She looks at the water in the jug and says this water is more critical than Ganga Jal for me, and smirks.

The shopkeeper asks Krish if he saw an old lady and asks him to show the photo. Krish says he doesn’t have one. The shopkeeper says it is strange that people don’t keep their Dadi/Nani’s picture. Krish says that if you haven’t seen it, refuse. A woman searches for her in the jungle and finds someone behind a tree. She holds Krish there.

After moving the cloth, Krish sees Bindiya. He asks her what is going on. Bindiya says she thought Amma was here. He scolds her and asks her to go and find Amma.

Bindiya pushes him. Krish asks why you are making a sad face as you walk toward me. He asks why you are going mad. She says you would have fallen in the pit, and that’s why I pushed you. She says you are thinking of poison as medicine. He asks if he thinks I’ll melt down when I see your cute face. She says what you called me cute…

While trying to go, Krish falls into the pit. He manages himself and starts walking. They see Amma standing on the bus while two girls record their dance. Amma takes their photos and looks at her face with different filters. She says dirty and beautiful. The girls ask if she is mad. Bindiya says she needs some rest. The girls ask if Krish is angry. She tries to climb on the bus, but Amma threatens to jump.

A girl asks Amma to give them their phone. Bindiya tells Amma that she has a better phone than this one. She plays Amma’s favorite song and says she has her favorite song. When Amma gets off the bus, Bindiya tells her that Krish is her grandson. Amma asks Bindiya who you are? She says Krish is my husband. Amma asks them to prove it.

Is it okay to take rounds with Krish? Amma asks the girls to kiss in front of the poster. Krish tells the girls he’s going to get them a new phone. The girl says she wants the same phone as she has videos on her mobile to post on social media. She asks him to kiss her cheek like in the poster. Krish kisses her cheek like in the poster. Mushkilein song plays….

Baldev comes there, looks at them, and turns his face. Bindiya looks at him. Krish asks now you are sure that I am Bindiya’s husband and your grandson. Amma says I am. Krish says I will bring the car. Baldev says okay. Bindiya tells Bindiya that Amma loves her a lot. Amma asks for her phone. Bindiya says she will give it to the girl. She keeps the girl’s phone in Amma’s hand and gives it to her.

It was captured on their phone, they tell Bindiya. They asked her for her phone number and sent the photo to her. Krish arrives at the house and asks them to come. Baldev asks Bindiya to come. It is told by Bindiya that she cannot go and that Krishna ji has mingled well with Amma and can take care of her well. Amma refuses to leave without Bindiya. Krish asks her to join them now.


Krish tells Payal to leave the house and that she is not suitable for Amma.

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