Suhaagan 9th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with the doctor advising Payal to rest, before leaving. Indu then requests Bindiya to escort her to the guest room. Meanwhile, Payal is already plotting how she will establish her dominance over the household and Krish. Bindiya assures that she will inform Dadi that she will not be able to visit as planned, as they intend for her to stay the night. Baldev offers his assurance that they will take care of Payal during her stay and mentions that Krish will accompany her in the morning when she leaves. Of course, this only fuels Payal’s determination to win Krish’s affections. Indu informs Payal that their driver will drive her back, but Baldev insists on Krish taking her instead. Indu notices that the Sarpanch and Master ji are missing and asks why no one came to take Payal for pagphera (a traditional ritual). Baldev admits that he requested them not to come. Bindiya contemplates taking a bus home, but Payal urges her to do so anyway, and eventually both Bindiya and Krish bring Payal to her room.

Bindiya reassures Krish in the car, letting him know that she understands his concern for Payal and is willing to accompany him for the rasam. As they drive, Krish expresses his doubts about the ritual happening only once. Grateful for his assistance, Bindiya spots a sacred tree and requests that he stop the car. Encouraging him to join her, she explains the significance of tying mauli on the tree – it signifies a lifelong bond between the couple. Despite Krish’s skepticism, Bindiya reveals that she has brought mauli with her and invites him to join her.

Krish agrees and urges him to hurry. The song “Rang de toh” plays in the background. Payal wonders why Krish’s father chose to have this naagin here. Meanwhile, Sakshi muses that her father wanted her to guard the place. Payal tells her to leave, but Sakshi explains that she cannot until she receives help. Payal ponders about spending the night with Krish and getting closer to him. She throws water on Sakshi, acting as though it was an accident. Sakshi gets up and notices Payal’s college ID card. She asks if they know each other from college, to which Payal denies. As Sakshi prepares to leave, Payal claims she is feeling tired and wishes for her departure. This prompts Sakshi to wonder if Payal wants her gone from there.

When Bindiya asks Krish to tie the mauli herself, he sits on the bench. The mauli falls from Bindiya’s hand and falls near Krish. Krish gets Payal’s message. Bindiya asks him to provide the mauli. Bindiya asks him to provide the mauli. Krish tells Payal that the truth is something else. He takes Bindiya around the tree and ties the mauli around it. Bindiya asks Krish to give her mauli. Payal says I’ll spend tonight in Krish’s embrace.

The mauli is tied to the tree and Bindiya promises Krish that he will marry her in all the births. Krish tells her to go. She thanks him. Krish asks what I did. Bindiya replies that nobody has done anything for her. She says she must have saved 11 people in the past birth that she got such a handsome and good-hearted guy. She says she wants to tell him something, and that you supported Pallu and me without asking me what happened with her. She says she wants to tell him something.

She says you showed trust in me and my sister, and that I am your sister, and that if I hide anything from you, I will commit a sin. Payal used to love someone, but the guy married someone else, which is why she feels separation pain. Krishna says your sister is more important than your sister. Bindiya says nothing is more important than you and your happiness. She wishes I could bring her love back to her.


She calls Rose and learns that Dadi and Phoolmati have made arrangements for their wedding night. Payal runs to stop them and declares Krish is hers. She falls into the muddy water.


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