Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara expressing her joy for Abhir. She admires his singing skills and the happiness it brings her. Witnessing the old Abhir and his smile, she couldn’t resist taking up the job. Her observation of Abhir’s cuteness while singing was interrupted by everyone’s presence. Manjiri remembers Akshu’s words and becomes agitated. However, Akshara remains content, as this is their special bonding time. But soon, her mood changes when a man arrives with a court order. In tears, she reads the paper and exclaims in disbelief, refusing to accept what is happening.

Manish picks up the paper and reads it. Akshara says no, such a big punishment. Abhinav and Kairav ask what happened. Manish says Birlas asked the court for the special order, so Akshara is not allowed to meet Abhir on Saturday and Sunday as well. Kairav asks why, just because she went to Abhimanyu’s school. Muskaan says Abhimanyu should be consulted.

Akshara shouts why they should be ashamed of doing this. Surekha says they should be ashamed of doing this. Abhimanyu asks why did you do this. I can’t do this with Akshu, we’ll fight, we’ll disagree, but I can’t do this with her. Manjiri argues with him. He claims a child needs both his parents, Akshara more, and he doesn’t deserve that.

Akshara says she doesn’t deserve this, how can they rob me of my rights, Abhir is my life. Dadi asks her to calm down. Akshara says why is this happening with me, why did Kanha ji take my child. Abhinav cries. Abhimanyu says I won’t listen to anyone, I won’t keep my son away from his mother, I will cancel this order. Everyone watches.

Akshu is hugged by Abhinav. They all cry. Dilon ko bandha….plays… Manish says take Akshara to Kasauli, Abhinav ji, I ruined her home, and this will continue. Take her for a few days. He says we will go to Kasauli. We play Yeh Rishta. Abhimanyu crushes the court order and gets angry.

Ashara says, “I won’t leave Abhir and go anywhere, my son is here, I won’t leave.” Abhinav says we have to make tough decisions in life. She asks why we should run away, I can’t leave him. He says it’s not easy for us. She says our son could need us, but we already left him, if anything happened to him. He says no, Abhimanyu is with him. She says he is not happy there because he took my promise.

He explains her and says think of Abhir, he has to live there, he cannot leave the old and accept the new, but he will be able to accept Abhimanyu eventually. She says you are asking me to forget my child. He says he is asking you to think of his happiness, because after we go to Kasauli, Abhimanyu will have stability in his life. He says I will give this gift to my mother.

As soon as he sees Akshara, he huggles her. Seeing someone else, he apologizes, he thought it was my mother. She says I’m the new music teacher, but the principal gave the job to my mother. She says she left, so I got the job. He says mother promised me the job. He cries. Akshara and Abhinav cry. She says stop me. Kairav says you need a change, you need this change. She says you need to come back here, to Kasauli for a few days.

ABhinav says we should visit Kasauli. Suwarna says it won’t take long. Muskaan says I’ll go to the airport with them, then I’ll go to the office. Kairav says thanks, I couldn’t tell Abhinav, let him know I’m always with him. She nods. Abhinav, Akshara and Muskaan depart. Abhimanyu comes home. He says he wants to talk to Akshu, I have filed a petition to cancel the court order. Call her.

Abhimanyu tells him to call Akshu. Suwarna says she isn’t here. Abhimanyu says maybe she went to Abhir’s school, call Abhinav. Kairav says they both… Manish stops Kairav. They all go inside. Abhimanyu worries.


Ruhi watches Abhir leave. Aarohi says Abhir is nowhere. Aarohi tells the police.


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