Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi informs Isha that the final decision rests with her. She must either comply with Bhavani’s wishes and wed Samarth, or go against her family’s wishes and pursue her own aspirations. Savi remembers her promise to always prioritize her family and explains to Isha that she cannot rebel against them. Instead, she plans to talk to Samrudh’s family and ask for a brief engagement period so she can finish her education first. Isha agrees to this plan, relieving Savi of her internal conflict. As they hug, Isha encourages Savi to go speak to Samrudh’s family about their arrangement.

As Ishan reaches Riva on the terrace, he thanks her for preparing his favorite halwa. He notices I love I written on the halwa with dry fruits and says loving oneself is important. Riva says it doesn’t mean that. He turns I into R and says that now Ishan loves Riva. Riva feels shy and tries to leave. Rao Saheb notices this. He calls Riva’s father Swanand and invites him home to meet Riva.

In response to Shantanu’s question, Rao Saheb says no one is going to talk about Riva and Ishan’s romance. Rao Saheb calls Nishikanth and asks him to warn his daughters not to mention it again. Swanand prepares to leave. Swati asks why Rao Saheb called them there. Swanand says maybe Riva missed them and didn’t want to talk directly, so Rao Saheb called them.

Samrudh’s father asks Samrudh to stop drinking since he will marry soon, and Savi fears Bhavani will find out about it. Samrudh’s father reaches Samrudh’s family anxiously. Samrudh’s grandmother says Savi doesn’t like her at all. Father says they have no choice because Samrudh is alcoholism. In her opinion, Savi should stay at home and serve them instead of working outside.

In his opinion, the father made a fake promise to Savi to let her study and work after marriage. Within a year of their marriage, even his wife stopped attending bhajan mandalis after Samrudh was born. In order to stop drinking and make him a grandfather within a year, Samrudh says as he wishes. After hearing their conversation, Savi feels shocked. The phone rings. Everyone panics and asks who is there. Samrudh goes to find no one.

Savi receives a message from Vinu, asking her to pick him up at the bus stop within 10 minutes. Knowing that Bhavani listens to Vinu, she decides to use his influence to convince her. On the way to the bus stop, Savi tells Vinu the whole story. Upon arriving home, Vinu is welcomed by his family and he respectfully touches Bhavani’s feet. Seeing her son, Bhavani becomes emotional. However, instead of supporting Savi, Vinu reveals that she questions why Bhavani allows Savi to go out and study when she can’t make decisions for herself. This causes Savi to confront him for going against her wishes and revealing their conversation. Despite this, Vinu insists that Bhavani is always right and she should follow her advice without question.


The bride-to-be asks Savi to forget studying and concentrate on marriage since she wants a grandson within a year. Ashwini suggests she elope. Ishan confronts Riva for hiding the truth from her, tearing their wedding card. Savi tears her own.


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