Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 2nd November 2023 Written Update


Kavya 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Rajeev calls Navya and asks him to get Basant Khedi wire. Giriraj remembers talking to Joshi. Omi says I don’t like it, I mean if the power line doesn’t start, Adi will lose his name if it doesn’t start. He says he didn’t want to upset Adi, because Kavya would leave the village and run away from him. Adi would then get angry and come back to me after leaving the academy. Kavya recalls the man’s words. O palan haare…plays…

Kavya notices a parade passing by and quickly heads over to Adhiraj’s side. She accidentally causes him to tumble off the bed and urges him to join her. He responds with a playful remark, prompting her to take his hand and lead him elsewhere. Confused, he questions why she brought him there. He reminds her that they received a permit but the power outage could potentially jeopardize their chances during Pradhan ji’s inspection. He expresses frustration at not seeing any progress and wonders if this is all some sort of game between her and her father. However, he quickly dismisses his doubts and asks her to stop talking so much as he prepares to show her something magical. With the flick of a switch, the lights come on and Kavya is filled with joy.

He says you have done an amazing job. She goes inside and switches the lights on and off. She hugs him. They have a moment. It’s morning, and Kavya greets the Zilla Sarpanch. He asks what you did. She says come inside, I’ll show you. He says he can see how the paint is done. She has ordered the machines and spoken to four doctors, who are prepared to work here. Power supply has finally been started.

Upon entering the hospital, Kaavya checks the lights. The lights do not work. Adhiraj asks what happened. The man replies, “There is no electricity, these people are fooling us.” The Sarpanch says that Navya’s sister is fooling us, that we will not listen to you, that I will deal with you. Adhiraj and Shubh arrive. Shubh asks what’s going on, you are messing up. Sarpanch asks if you are threatening me, this is my village.

In Shubh’s words, I’ve seen many people like you. Kavya says sorry Sir, we have one more day, so you can punish me however you please. He says just one day, remember. They leave. Adhiraj and Shubh argue. He insults Shubh. Shubh says you and your dad are liars, I know everything. Adhiraj says your dad came here to avenge a girl, he said.

Kavya inquires, “Did you check the files?” Rajeev assures her, “Yes, I thoroughly examined them. There is no permission for the power supply.” After some contemplation, Kavya pulls Adhiraj aside and reveals, “I spoke to my dad. This permit has no value as it is not from the Lucknow office.” Adhiraj defends himself, “You saw the power supply yesterday.” But Kavya interrupts, accusing him of deceitfully preventing the hospital from opening and playing a double game with her, along with his father. In a rage, he retorts, “Stop it! How can I prove my innocence?”

She argues. He stops her. Shubh intervenes and taunts Adhiraj. He says your dad and you are liars. They get into a serious fight. Kavya rushes and stops them. She says it is my project, my tension, I do not need anyone, I can handle it on my own, you go back and prepare for your IAS, Shubh. Shubh leaves.

She says I will finish whatever I decide, but stay away from me. She cries. She imagines Navya coming and encouraging her. She calls someone for help.


It is Kavya who says we must get electricity. Giriraj says she shouldn’t have electricity. Kavya begins to operate the hospital normally.

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