Shiv Shakti (Zee) 1st August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

A goon says we should throw Shakti in the tank to cool her down. Shiv hears Shakti scream for help and runs from the hospital. Meanwhile, the goons are grabbing Shakti and telling her she should be punished for her crimes.

He tells Manorama he’s going to search for Shakti. Manorama says no, I cannot let you get beaten up again, I don’t have many kids. Rimjhim and Dharam say Shakti is also their family. In her reply, Manorama says I told my family not to go, but I will look for her. Shakti might not have been a good daughter, but I will be her mother. My role was to protect her before Dharam became a grown-up, and I will bring her back when she leaves the house.

The goons throw Shakti in the tank and start drowning her. Keertan smirks and says Shakti wants to fight the world alone, but I will save her from these goons and show her that I am her hero. I needed to shock her so she can come out of Shiv’s spell. Shakti is drowning and remembers how she drowned as a child too. When Keertan says it’s time for Hero entry, Shiv arrives at the scene and is shocked to see Shakti drowned by goons.

Seeing him, Keertan feels angry, so he calls the goon and asks him to beat up Shiv if he tries to save her as well. When Shiv sees Shakti drowning, he experiences flashbacks of his accident. He sees her and screams to help her, but a goon hits Shiv on the head, causing him to fall. As Shiv faints, Shakti screams for her. Keertan believes this is payback for his attempt to snatch my girlfriend.

In a glare at Gayatri, he says she and her son are like this, they are out to destroy this family, and we must stop him from running the hospital. Ragunath tells Dadi that the old Shiv was different from the new Shiv, and he must take the hospital away from Shiv otherwise we will lose our honor. Dadi asks then what? He built that hospital with his hard work and we got this honor and wealth because of Shiv.

Even if you want to say anything to Gayatri, Shiv suffered injustice and I won’t let anyone take the hospital from him and nobody will question his decisions if this happens. While Gayatri believes she is ready for the beating, she doesn’t want Shiv to bear anything. Mandira and Padma hear her. Padma says dadi doesn’t agree with you. Mandira says Dadi will ask me to take over the hospital soon.

As Shiv shouts for her to get up, he is getting dizzy. A goon approaches Shakti, but Shiv grabs his foot and pushes him away. Getting up, Shiv says he has to live up to his name and he cannot let the goons harass a girl. He starts beating the goons while Shakti watches. Shiv says that no power can stop him from doing good or bad. When he sees some goons grabbing Shakti, he beats them up. He goes to her and pulls her out of the tank.

Shiv asks her if she is okay? She asks him if he is okay? Shiv says yes and these goons may need my help now. The goon is about to hit him, but Shiv grabs him and pushes him away. Shiv beats up the goons. Shakti says I thought he was like Bholenath and very calm, but today he is like Mahadev and fighting to protect me. Keertan is shocked by Shiv’s actions.

As the goon approaches him, he says, “This guy is beating up my goons. Do something and save us.” Keertan says he can’t. The goon says he knows he’s Mandira’s son, and takes his photo and says he’ll tell him that he gave us money to do all this. When Keertan stops him, he says, “If you want more money, I’ll give you it.” The goon says you have to stop Shiv from beating my goons. Keertan watches.

The Padma calls Mandira and tells him that Shiv’s reign will end tomorrow. Padma says you shouldn’t be so confident, I feel a storm is coming around Keertan. The goon is threatening to expose me now. Keertan calls Mandira and says I made a plan to send goons to harass Shakti so I would save her like a hero, but Shiv came here and beat goons.

Padma says I knew it. Mandira asks her to shut up otherwise she will. Mandira ends the call. She says you did all of this for that girl? She ends the call. Mandira says you’re mad at me, but you ought to vent your anger on Shiv since he’s your real enemy, I tried my best to get your daughter admission, but Shiv destroyed our plans, so you know what to do.

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