Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Ranbir waiting in the hall. Prachi comes out to the hall, while Ranbir is waiting for everyone. Akshay asks Abhay who called us here. Abhay says he doesn’t know. Prachi says she wants to share something with everyone. Ranbir says I want to share something with everyone. Mihika says Prachi wants to share something. Mihika says Prachi wants to share something. Mihika has been having trouble with me, and Prachi accuses me of trying to steal Ranbir.

Prachi is not snatching me, says Mihika to Ranbir when he asks her what she is saying. Mihika asks Prachi to tell her that she has challenged her marriage with Ranbir. There is a flashback to the same. Prachi tells Mihika that she will not allow her to marry Ranbir because Khushi is unsafe. Prachi asks her to tell everyone the truth. Mihika says don’t accuse me fakely, and don’t say that I have failed your brakes to hurt you, and don’t lie.

Ranbir declares that he has had enough and expresses frustration over the lack of understanding towards his relationship. He questions if it’s worth clarifying Prachi and his relationship to everyone in order to prevent any future issues. Facing Ashok and Manpreet, he reveals that they met in college and fell in love. Despite facing numerous challenges, they eventually got married. Although they were forced apart, their love for each other remains unchanged even now.

He says Prachi is my daughter’s mother and I respect her a lot. Prachi said she took good care of me and my family and there were no complaints with each other. He says we have true and sacred relations, but few people here don’t know it and are tarnishing it. Don’t throw dirty water at our relationship and don’t make it bitter. This is our relationship, he says.

Mihika asks why did she say that Ranbir and my marriage can’t happen, and she suggests that you are acting differently with me because of her. As far as Ranbir is concerned, Prachi might have seen or heard something if she said this. As he says, I cannot marry Mihika as I do not love her, and there is nothing between us. He asks Mihika to tell the remaining truth. He says that we never had anything between us, that neither of us loves the other.

He explains that I intervened when she attempted to end her life, and she confided in me that returning home would result in her family disowning her and becoming upset with her. So I offered to accompany her and find a solution so that they would direct their anger towards me instead. He adds that he wanted to share this with me, but was concerned about my reaction. He also mentions being unaware of Prachi’s presence here and clarifies that he had told Mihika he didn’t love her, and had only come to assist her. He admits considering declining the engagement, until seeing Mr. Tandon’s critical condition motivated him to agree. Mihika turns to Prachi and asks if she is satisfied now, blaming Prachi for causing the situation. Ranbir quickly defends Prachi by stating it was not her fault.

She shouts at Ranbir and tells him that he understands his story and hopes everyone does, as well as that this forced marriage won’t happen now. He tells Mihika not to break their marriage. She tries to convince her parents and then Ranbir, but Ranbir says he doesn’t love her. Pallavi calls Ranbir and says her heart is shaking and she wants to meet him.

In response to his request, Ranbir says that he will come there and meet Khushi and you. Pallavi responds that she will come there. He ends the call and informs Ashok that his mother is coming here. Mihika leaves from there. Ranbir folds his hands. Manpreet holds his hands. Ashok thinks Akshay might not leave Ranbir and might do the same thing with Prachi as he did with Saniya. He thinks Akshay might not leave Ranbir and might do the same thing with Prachi as he did with Saniya. From there, Akshay thinks about the words of Ranbir and Mihika.

Mihika comes there. Akshay asks why did you propose him and says I told you he didn’t love you, and asks if she was happy with his rejection. He says he would have handled everything. He says Bua ji said one day that everything is fine, until the things are hidden. He slaps her and says she’s a curse in her life. Ranbir will be killed, he says.

Mihika slaps him back and says she will kill Ranbir. They start fighting. Ashok gets shocked seeing the fight and tries to stop them. Abhay and Divya come to stop them. Ashok tells them he is with Ranbir and Prachi, and warns them not to harm them because no one is worse than him.

Prachi comes to Ashok and says you have called me. Ashok asks Prachi, do you remember how we first met? Prachi says how can I forget and says I had fallen in the river and you had saved me and given me life. He asks you what I called you first. She says Prachi. Ashok calls her beta, and says I don’t call anyone beta until I regard them as my own child. Those who gave you birth to us and me were your parents.

He claims you have given me a daughter’s love and that I also care for Mihika, but my feelings for you surpass those for my own daughter. He insists that if anything were to happen to you, he would be devastated and would feel like he has died thousands of deaths. He professes that you are his whole life. Prachi questions why he is saying all of this, if it is necessary. Ashok replies that he just wants to express his love and have it remain in his heart. Ranbir interrupts their conversation, but Ashok asks him to wait before leaving. He turns to Prachi and expresses his desire for her happiness, wishing her to marry Akshay as he believes he is the perfect match for her.

Ashok believes that no one can love Prachi like Ranbir does. He calls Ranbir over and instructs him to take Prachi’s hand. After Ranbir complies, Ashok places Prachi’s hand in his. Although Prachi tries to withdraw her hand, Ashok insists on keeping it in Ranbir’s. He praises Ranbir for being a good person and reminds him of the time they spent apart from each other. Ashok then asks for a promise from Ranbir – to always take care of Prachi and give her happiness.

Prachi and her family will be taken care of by Ranbir, he promises him. In Ashok’s words, I am taking this promise from you in order for me to be certain that someone is watching over my daughter, and there is no guarantee of life. Prachi says nothing will happen to him, and hugs him tightly. They just need Ranbir’s blessings, and I will keep all the family happy, and I will never harm Prachi.

Ashok blesses them both to be happy always and goes from there. Prachi looks at Ranbir and cries. Ranbir wipes her tears. Prachi hugs him. Song plays……phir se ek baar…they look at each other and touch foreheads.


If Mihika does any wrong to Prachi, Akshay says Ranbir will come, and they will become closer, and he asks her to understand. Vishaka asks Manpreet to be strict with Prachi. He says Mihika is wrong and Prachi is right, and I will support her. Later, Manpreet tells Prachi that she is her mother, even though someone else gave birth to her. Prachi cries and hugs Manpreet.


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