Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2023 Written Update

Ranbir is praying to God for a miracle, and Rhea holds his hand and tells him that she looks just like him, just as Dad said she was your ansh, your blood. Akshay prays to God to unite them and says that they are perfect. Ranbir meets the doctor and asks if the work has been completed. The doctor says it has been completed; let’s wait for the results.

Ranbir says he thought the result would come late. Doctor says this is one of the perks of being a doctor. Nurse Bela meets Nurse Hema and tells her whatever they’ve done with good intentions is right. Hema says we have done right, but if anyone finds out. The doctor says I have shown as if the patient consented to the DNA test.

Ranbir receives the DNA test report from him. Nurse Hema gives the DNA test report to Nurse Bela. Bela checks the reports and finds DNA matches. Ranbir opens the report and finds DNA matches. The doctor says it is a miracle. He thanks him and goes out. Bela says it is a miracle and goes out. Ranbir thinks to tell everyone.

As Ranbir enters the waiting room, Pallavi asks what is the matter? Ranbir says he will only tell Prachi and that she will say she has never heard such good news before. Ranbir tells Prachi that he has something to tell her, for what she has prayed for day and night. Everyone asks what it is. He tells Pallavi you always told me good things happen to good people, but I didn’t listen to you. Ranbir tells Dida that she was always right.

Ranbir says I came to know about this because of you, you’re a hero. Shahana asks what happened. Ranbir says you must have also prayed. He thanks Rhea and Akshay for their support. Akshay brings Prachi water. Ashok also gets a call and goes. Ranbir tells Prachi that they have dreamt that their children will always play in their house.

Then you became pregnant and gave her life with your breath, but we lost her. As he tells us that all of our prayers have been answered and that God has returned our Panchi, who was near to us, but we couldn’t identify her, back to us, we don’t need to cry for her anymore.

Khushi is our daughter, Panchi, he tells Prachi. Prachi cries happily and hugs him. Everyone is smiling. Khushi comes out of her ward, and they greet her. Pallavi says Khushi is our ansh, our grandchild. Dadi calls Khushi for a hug. She asks Shahana to make her sit. Shahana makes her sit and they see stars and the moon on her foot.

She says she is Panchi. Prachi says you are Panchi. Khushi says, Khushi. Prachi says Khushi, my Panchi, my daughter. Ranbir says I am your real Papa. Prachi says I am your real mother. Khushi says, Mamma and Papa. Seeing her one glimpse, Vikram says I understood. Pallavi says let’s go. Dida says Khushi is Prachi’s daughter, and she’ll stay with her mother. Pallavi asks what you mean.

Dadi says Prachi has yearned for her and cried a lot. Shahana says it is her prayers that have brought her here. Dadi says Prachi has a right to her. Dida says Ranbir has also prayed. Pallavi says Ranbir has the first claim. Prachi and Ranbir hold hands, and Dida asks Ranbir to let Rhea hold her hand.

Pallavi asks Shahana to take Prachi from there. They all argue. Ranbir asks them to stop. It turns out to be his imagination after he got the report. She tells Shahana that after she told her about Prachi’s daughter, she had done something after seeing the same birthmark on her foot. Khushi is Prachi’s daughter, she says. She cries and asks how can you be so sure? Bela shows her the DNA test report and confirms that Khushi’s DNA matches Prachi’s DNA. Shahana gets happy and thanks Bela for saving Prachi’s life.

The lady tells Prachi that the havan is done and asks her to bend down in front of Maa and say that she will only fulfil your wishes now that both her hands are on her head. She gets up and rings the bells in front of the goddess. The lady shouts Maa. Shahana runs up and calls out to Prachi. She says, Khushi…Prachi asks her what she wants to know.

She says Khushi is your daughter. Prachi is stunned. Shahana says she is your daughter. Prachi asks what do you mean? Shahana says she is your daughter Panchi, and she even has a birthmark under her foot. Prachi gets emotional and cries. Khushi is her daughter, Panchi, she says. Prachi says I want to see her and says let’s go and see her. Shahana says you can’t meet her, as the doctor forbade us from meeting her. Prachi says I was away from her for so long, nobody could stop me.

The nurse apologizes to her. She says she prayed for her daily, and now she is back. She says she can’t talk to you anymore, she has to go see her. Naina song plays….Bela emerges from the ward. She says Shahana told her what you have done for her, which I cannot explain to you in words. She says she feels blessed for her, and thanks her. Prachi promises not to tell anyone about what she did and hugs her. She is about to go to the ward, but the doctor stops her.

Dr. says I need to call security, so he does. Prachi says fine, I won’t come inside. She says I just want to touch her once, see her once, and be with her.

Pallavi says they should get Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage done, as Ranbir will not bear Prachi and Akshay’s marriage.

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