Faltu 7th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

As the episode begins, Sid talks to Pappi’s man. The man confirms Faltu isn’t in the village, she didn’t come here. Sid thinks. I came here to convince you, I thought you were sad, but you’re staring at yourself in the mirror. Stop staring at yourself. Sumitra says.

If Dutta is telling the truth, if Faltu didn’t go to the village, then where did she go? She says yes. Faltu looks on. Sid says something’s going on that we don’t know about. Rocky comes in. Faltu says I got food for Sid. Sumitra says to keep the plate and go. Faltu asks Sid to have the food before it gets cold. Sid says go.

Seeing the decorations, Ayaan comes to the room and asks what they are. Faltu says taste it and tell me how it is. Sid scolds her. She wonders why Sid is looking for me. His surprise comes from Tanu. She dances on Meri jaan… She gets close to him. He gets away. She says let’s get serious about counselling.

As you were in a good mood, I thought now was the right time. She gets closer. Ayaan recalls Faltu. He stops Tanu. He stands up. She says I’ll get medicines. He says no, I’ll go for a walk. She asks him to leave, maybe she was hurried. He apologizes and leaves. Until I get a clarification about the video, I can’t get close to you. She says one day at a time, takes baby steps, not long jumps.

The Chawl guys tell Faltu about the academy girls who have a lot of money and are going shopping these days. Faltu sees the video. Ayaan does not see her and gets up and leaves. The guy asks Faltu how they got money. She says no, we should wait until Holi, we will see what we find in Kanika’s phone. The guy invites her to play in the competition on Holi Eve.

The guy says 4 pm, finish your work by 3 pm and get free, I will come to pick you up. She says she will think about it. I have to cook food here. Tell me what time the match is. She says she’ll think about it.

The guy asks if anyone doubted you, and what state are you in. She says it is not easy to catch Rocky. Ayaan goes to meet Rocky. The light goes out. Faltu comes to her room and shuts the door. She removes the hair wig. Ayaan says Rocky has come. She is shocked by his appearance.

As Ayaan walks to see who’s there, Faltu says it’s me, Rocky, who else? Ayaan says yes, but I heard someone else’s voice. As you are sleeping, Faltu says, what are you doing in my room? Tanisha didn’t let you sleep in her room. Ayaan says no, I come here when I’m upset. Faltu says I was jumping on the bed now, your nose would have been broken.

When Ayaan tells Faltu I have been saved, he turns toward me and starts talking. The lights come on, and Faltu worries that I won’t be able to show my face. Ayaan says I won’t fall sick, chill. Rocky says just go, we’ll talk when I get well. She gets shocked when she sees the lipstick marks on Ayaan’s neck.

She pushes Ayaan out of the room and shuts the door. Ayaan says the strange guy. Faltu says I believe everything is getting better between Ayaan and Tanisha, why should I feel strange? She gets her moustache. She says I got saved.

Faltu says we should do something different this time, write your evil on the chit and burn it. Sumitra says I have no evil in me, I will burn my enemies’ names. He says that Gujiya is my favourite since I visited the village. She asks him to eat it and say if the taste is the same. Ayaan eats it and remembers Faltu.

Kinshuk agrees we should kiss him. Faltu says don’t come close, I don’t like kisses. Kinshuk runs after Kanika. Faltu collides with her. Kanika’s phone falls. Faltu picks it up.


Faltu gets Kanika’s phone and checks Vishal’s proof. Tanu asks what you’re doing here.

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