Faltu 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu comes to meet Ayaan. She sees Charan coming. Charan is annoyed. Ayaan is sorry for calling you here, she forced me to, I told you about Sindoor, now ask her the truth. He says he wants to know the sindoor truth. Tanisha asks how Ayaan got Charan there. Kanika says yes, and they have an intense conversation.

Tanisha says he will ask Faltu to tell the truth to her dad, he wants her to accept. Kanika says we can’t wait until Ayaan and Faltu leave, we have to work out our plan tomorrow. Faltu asks Charan and Ayaan the truth. Ayaan says nothing, calms down, and sits. Charan says I didn’t come here to sit. I filled the sindoor in my maang to tell him that I was married when I was running away that night from Pappu.

Tanisha and Kanika come. Tanisha says it might be the truth, we make such decisions in panicked situations, she did what she felt was right. Ayaan says wow Faltu, you’ve made a good story, it’s unrealistic, tell the truth. Tanisha says we take such decisions in panicked situations, she did what felt right to her.

Ayaan scolds Faltu for calling Charan here, but Charan stops her. Faltu says yes, that’s how I got saved. She says she will ask him how he got so selfish that he didn’t care about someone’s life, and what would we do if anything happened to Charan. She asks Tanisha to take Ayaan home.

Kanika asks Ayaan to come. Faltu says he won’t break your trust. Ayaan apologizes to Charan. Faltu says he will return in a few hours. Tanisha and Ayaan leave. He recalls Faltu’s words. He says he can’t trust her word. He suggests finding out what’s going on in her head, maybe you’ll get shocked as well.

Why would she lie to her dad, just block that number and move on, we have a flight tomorrow, we are going on honeymoon, what’s the point? I didn’t force you, you said you wanted to pursue our marriage, you can do that or not. He says he wants, but once this matter is resolved, I won’t be able to get in touch with her.

Charan asks Faltu to come to him and says sorry, I couldn’t give you time. She asks him to go back to the village. Faltu says Ayaan is after you, I will make your arrangements somewhere, I will stay here, and I will speak to Gaikwad. He leaves. Vishal looks on. She goes to practice. Aashayein plays… Vishal trains her. The girls make a video. Tanisha packs her bag. Kanika says you’ll hear good news soon.

Ayaan says he cannot see Faltu’s life ruined. Kanika assures that everything will be fine. Ayaan helps Tanu pack. Sid watches. Faltu dips her leg in warm water. It’s not good to go to anyone’s room at night. I will go outside and sit in the fresh air. I’ll be fine. She goes. She recalls everything and cries.

He asks if everything is fine. She says yes. He says your life is dramatic. She asks if you are standing at this junction because of Ayaan.


Faltu is insulted. She watches the video. She cries.

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