Faltu 30th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ayaan confronting Faltu and demanding she leave the house. Dadi and Janardhan intervene, urging Ayaan to control his anger. Dadi defends Faltu, stating that she could never harm the family and that the truth is something different. Ayaan counters her argument, saying that all the evidence points against Faltu and challenges her to provide proof of her innocence. He insists that she leave and declares his intention to break their marriage vows that very day.

Ayaan performs the reverse rounds with Faltu, symbolically breaking their promises to each other. He declares that their relationship is over and accuses Faltu of enjoying herself with Ruhaan. Faltu, angered by his accusations, questions his right to question her character and refuses to provide the proof he demands. She scolds him, recounting the sacrifices she has made for him and the family. Faltu accuses him of tarnishing her character and recalls previous instances where he falsely linked her to Dr Ajit and Vishal. She acknowledges her own mistake in not stopping him earlier and decides that she will no longer tolerate his behaviour. Faltu removes her mangalsutra and hands it to him, symbolizing the end of their relationship.

Concerned family members attempt to mediate and resolve the issues between Ayaan and Faltu. However, Faltu dismisses their efforts, expressing her indifference to their opinions. Dadi emphasizes that a marriage cannot be broken so easily, while Janardhan urges Ayaan to return the mangalsutra to Faltu. Ayaan, refusing to accept their pleas, asserts that they have no relationship and throws the mangalsutra into the fire.

Faltu leaves the house and runs on the road, crying. The rain begins to pour, and she reminisces about her past moments with Ayaan. The song “Maine Tera Naam” plays in the background. Meanwhile, Ayaan drinks and finds himself thinking about Faltu and Ruhaan. Faltu ponders over Ayaan’s changed behaviour, while Ayaan regrets not realizing when she had changed so much. Determined, Faltu vows to fulfil her dreams and make Ayaan regret his mistakes, refusing to give up. Ayaan, standing in the rain, longs for Faltu and laments that she would be dancing with Ruhaan while he is left crying alone.


Faltu learns about a woman stuck in a river flood. Ayaan, in tears, confesses that Faltu chose Ruhaan over him. Tanu, seeking revenge, declares that Ayaan will pay the price for her mother’s arrest.

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