Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

As Tanisha worries about Ayaan, she rushes and calls the doctor. The doctor asks her to go out. She asks if Ayaan will be fine. He tells her to leave. He treats Ayaan. In response, he asks Tanisha if she is fine. You were panicking, so I got rude explaining to you, I don’t know what happened to Ayaan, something had affected his mind. The nurse says nobody had come.

She says no, I had gone out for 15 minutes, Ayaan’s condition got worse, how can he hear everything when he is unconscious. Doctor asks if you talked to him or anyone else in front of him. Nurses find Faltu. They see her hurt and take her. A nurse scolds Faltu. Another nurse asks Faltu if everything is ok. Faltu thinks I did not do right, but I feel at peace by mentioning my love. Tanisha says Ayaan is better, we shouldn’t give him stress. The family gets happy. Savita says we will take care of him when he returns.

You will get unwell, come home, don’t worry, we’ll shift Ayaan home. Janardhan asks Savita not to cry. Dadi says Ayaan will not harm her, Kinshuk should go get Tanisha. Govind says not to worry, Sid has taken food for Tanisha, he didn’t get an entry, he’s in the car, I’ll call him, he’ll get her. Ayaan is making mistakes because of Faltu, I m so proud of Sid, I ask him to get Tanu home. It’s morning, Faltu’s eyes are checked by the doctor. She says she can’t see.

The doctor says the operation was successful, she can see light, she will recover slowly, and she will gradually be able to see everything. Charan asks if everything is okay. Faltu is asked to wear black goggles and rest her eyes. Jamuna says you can see now. Faltu asks can I play the cricket match after a month, will my eyesight improve? Ayaan’s wife and his younger brother are Tanisha and Sid. Jamuna asks who they are. Charan replies that she is Ayaan’s wife and he is Ayaan’s younger brother.

Tanisha asks how Ayaan is now, Faltu says I’m fine. Tanisha is glad that my hard work didn’t go to waste, didn’t you know? Faltu replies no. Faltu is shocked when Tanisha asks him, “Did you think how 20 lakhs got arranged for you overnight. You didn’t even know who the donor was. I had given you 20 lakhs.”. Tanisha says, “Tell me the truth, how did the money get arranged for you overnight.

The angel you are dreaming of getting back is me, Tanisha says. I didn’t intend to tell you this, but the situation has become such that I now feel light, this must be the cause of Ayaan’s accident. Tanisha says Ayaan didn’t know I paid for your operation, he came here to know the donor’s name, he argued with Charan, and he hit the tree driving in anger. Faltu asks what’s the connection. He says Tanu is being truthful, she didn’t want your dream to remain incomplete. Faltu asks what was the need, we could have arranged money. He says she did it to make you better so that Ayaan’s focus can be on his wedding.

She says Ayaan got your responsibility, he was worried, you lost your eyesight, he lost his peace. I couldn’t see him worrying because of you, so I helped you. Ayaan should not worry about you, he should be satisfied that you are happy, he can move on with his life. Tanisha says I don’t want Ayaan to worry about you, he should be satisfied that you are happy.

I am very happy in my life, I want Ayaan to be happy, I want to become a cricketer, I want to fulfill my dad’s dreams. Tanisha says I know, I promise to get you your admission. Faltu thanks her. Tanisha asks her to get up. In response to Faltu’s offer, Tanisha says it is not necessary. Faltu says he will never return the favor. Tanisha thinks you can return the favor by staying away from Ayaan.

You are a Devi, Jamuna says, I will pray for your and Ayaan’s happiness. Charan says, take care of Ayaan. The promise Faltu makes to you is that no sorrow will come to you and Ayaan, you are both meant to be together. Faltu leaves with her family. Tanisha says we should keep an eye on Faltu. I won’t take any risk, we will get her into cricket academy, she will get under my favor and never think of Ayaan again.

The doctor says Ayaan is fine now, so make sure he doesn’t take stress. Sid says I can’t stay happy seeing my love with someone else. You may plot and plan to keep them apart, but I will keep Ayaan and Faltu together. Savita hugs Ayaan and tells him thank god he’s okay. He replies that he’s fine, don’t worry. Dadi asks him how this happened, where did your focus go. He thinks back to Charan’s words.

We know Faltu is responsible for his condition, so why does Savita ask this? Ayaan asks if Faltu’s surgery went well, and Tanisha confirms Faltu is fine.


Ayaan says you’re right, Tanisha is thankless, her entire family is thankless.

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