Faltu 7th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 7th May 2023 Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu says I will take food for Ayaan. Savita says she will come along. Janardhan says no need to go. Faltu says I will come soon. He says no, we don’t know what Tanu and Kanika have planned. The lawyer says I can’t take the case, Kanika is the owner of the company, and I am helpless. Janardhan says Kanika has bought the lawyer, what can we do now?

She thinks Tanu is taking revenge on the family, so she says we’ll talk to other lawyers. Janardhan says to call all the good lawyers, Ayaan won’t stay in jail. Faltu says I promise, nothing will happen to Ayaan. Ayaan gets hiccups and drinks water. He says Faltu would be missing me, she would be so worried. Faltu runs to her room and cries thinking of Ayaan. Tanu appears and acts. It’s my fault, she says, this is happening because of me. If you leave his life, everything will be fine. You are selfish and don’t love him. He loves you and you upset him.

You have hurt him, I am not the old Faltu, I have seen your real face. Tanu says you are his destruction because you came between him and Ayaan. Harsh talks to lawyers. Faltu says he wants to meet Ayaan. Kinshuk says you can’t meet him. Harsh says no lawyer will take the case. Faltu scolds her. Harsh talks to lawyers. Sid comes. Faltu and Janardhan ask Sid to bail out Ayaan. Janardhan says don’t ruin Ayaan’s life.

Janardhan says he told that in anger, we are a family, I apologize from Ayaan’s side, please bail him out. Sid says Ayaan did fraud, he is getting punished and shows attitude. Janardhan says he told that in anger, we are a family, I am sorry from Ayaan’s side. Kanika is handling this, please talk to her. Harsh says she got blind in revenge. Sid says we have to prove his innocence, and Kanika will drag him to court.

Sid goes. Faltu says we have to look after Ayaan. Ayaan says I know you are acting innocent, Ayaan knew your plan and he was trying to figure it out. He’s okay, I’ll find proof of his innocence. They leave. Sid calls the policeman and says Tanu is torturing Ayaan, no one should know this. He turns to see Tanu. Tanu says Faltu doesn’t love Ayaan; I do. He lies to her. She asks if Ayaan is fine if policemen are torturing him.

Kanika says it is late, we will go tomorrow morning, and rest. She leaves. Sid says you are just mine, Tanu. Inspector argues with Ayaan and provokes him. Janardhan comes and asks what you’re doing. Ayaan sees the family members. Faltu hugs Ayaan. Inspector makes Faltu out. Constable scolds Faltu.

Janardhan says we need five minutes to meet Ayaan. Inspector agrees. Ayaan asks if you are fine, Dad. Janardhan replies that you are fine. Harsh says a lawyer won’t take your case, no big lawyer wants to fight the case. Ayaan is worried. Ayaan says she’s fine.


Faltu says I will hire a lawyer for Ayaan, and I promise to bring her home.

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