Faltu 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Faltu seeing Ayaan, Sid, and Tanu at the door. Tanu smiles while Ayaan becomes angry and leaves. Tanu hugs Ayaan and tries to calm him down. Faltu declares that Ruhaan will never have her, and then she steps outside and overhears Ayaan speaking. Ayaan accuses Faltu of being a gold digger and claims she was never deserving of his love. Faltu realizes that Ayaan hasn’t changed, and she feels relieved that they are separated, as her last hope is now shattered. Ayaan decides to leave, and Faltu breaks down in tears. Tanu is pleased with the outcome.

Janardhan questions why Ayaan returned home alone when he was with Faltu. Dadi expresses her doubts about the situation. Charan is puzzled by Ayaan’s solo return and questions why Sid and Tanu didn’t inform him. Savita suggests waiting for the children to return before taking any action, mentioning that Faltu is no less than her daughter.

Charan insists on going to Faltu, expressing his concern for her. Sumitra informs Charan that Tanu called and mentioned that Faltu is with Ruhaan, causing her not to return with Ayaan. Charan becomes upset and demands to speak to Ruhaan. Janardhan advises everyone to remain calm, while Savita expresses her desire to have Faltu back. Charan insists that Faltu is innocent and can never do such things.

Ayaan, Sid, and Tanu are on their way, and Ayaan is in tears. Tanu tries to comfort him while Sid becomes upset. Sid expresses his disappointment to Tanu for revealing everything to their family, particularly Charan. Tanu defends her actions, stating that everyone was calling them, and Faltu has chosen a new life. Ayaan decides to reveal Faltu’s truth to Charan.

Charan calls Ruhaan and asks if he is with Faltu. Ruhaan confirms it but mentions that he came to bring her back, yet she refused to speak to him and left on her own. Charan is perplexed by the situation and demands to talk to Faltu. Janardhan questions what Ruhaan said, and Charan reveals that Faltu didn’t know about Ruhaan and went with him willingly. Ayaan, Tanu, and Sid arrive at the scene. Tanu suggests bringing Faltu back if she wants to return with them. Faltu is seen running on the road, crying.

Charan declares that Faltu is not at the ashram and reveals his conversation with Ruhaan. Sid claims to have seen Faltu with Ruhaan and asks Ayaan to confirm it. Ayaan, in tears, asks how he can reveal that his daughter is characterless. Janardhan shouts at Ayaan.

Ayaan explains that Charan should know the truth about Faltu. Meanwhile, Faltu realizes that even the ashram is behind her now, and she continues running. Ayaan argues that it’s difficult to believe, but Ruhaan and Faltu have deceived them, claiming that girls from respectable families do not get close to men. Charan slaps Ayaan and raises his voice. Charan accuses Ayaan of showing his true colors, which is why Faltu didn’t want to stay with him and has seen his real face. Charan believes that no self-respecting girl would want to stay with a doubting husband.

Ayaan suggests hitting him more, but the truth won’t change, and her character won’t change either. He declares that their relationship is over forever, and he has learned the truth about her. He asks everyone to be happy and announces that Faltu and Ruhaan’s wedding invitation will arrive soon, even though they haven’t divorced yet. Faltu comes across a car while running and scolds the driver. She runs away and sits on a bench to rest. Ayaan tells Sid to prepare the divorce papers, stating that he will sign them and not come between her happiness. Dadi advises him to come to his senses, but Ayaan declares that he has lost all hope and it would be better if they all move on, emphasizing that Faltu has trapped a rich man and has no family members, so she will enjoy her life there.

Tanu wonders where Faltu has gone and what her plans are now. Faltu falls asleep, and someone throws trash at her. She wakes up, shouts at the person, and threatens to teach them a lesson while picking up the trash.


Faltu encounters a guy dancing to the song “Ek Baar Kiya To Pyaar Kya Kiya.”

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