Faltu 8th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu flirts with Kanika. She pulls his ear and says you are flirting a lot. Faltu says I go crazy looking at your beauty. Kinshuk says he won’t get the cow dung patties. Sid and Ayaan ask him to get them. Ayaan says I miss Faltu seeing Rocky. Rocky says everyone should bring the chits in the evening. Faltu says don’t worry, I’ll get the cow dung patties and don’t kiss me again. Kinshuk agrees.

Faltu compliments Kanika and leaves. Kanika smiles. Vishal drinks. The nurse stops him. He tells Kanika to take him home. He gets a call. Kanika asks what’s this misbehaviour, listen to the hospital staff. Vishal disagrees. She says she will help you, I don’t want another complaint. Faltu comes. Kanika asks since when are you here.

You handle so many businesses, you are a superwoman. Keep me on the job, I will take care of you. Kanika smiles. Faltu looks at the phone. Faltu says if you detox from your phone, your festival will go well, and Tanisha will be happy, I don’t keep a phone, so my mind works well. Kanika likes coffee. She says you do your work well.

Is it really that you don’t use a phone? Faltu replies yes, phone calls disturb me so much. Kanika says you talk well. Faltu says promise me you won’t touch the phone for 2 days, then you’ll thank me. I’ll think about you, go have some coffee, and Faltu leaves.

During the Holika puja, Ayaan and Tanu perform it first. They take the rounds. Faltu picks up the thread ball and walks along with them. Faltu says no, I rolled this mauli thread and it fell. Ayaan thanks her. He burns the Holika. Sumitra says I wish you’d just listen to me, Sid. Rocky, you work hard, you make delicious food, what happened? Ayaan says I wrote that our problems end in this Holika. Faltu says I have much work, let me go.

Faltu doesn’t see Kanika’s phone with her. She searches her room and finds it. She prays and unlocks it. Tanu comes by asking what you’re doing with Mom’s phone. Tanu asks what you’re doing here. Faltu says I came to take the empty plate, you can give your mom the phone. Tanu says Ayaan likes the food you make. She asks him what he wants. Faltu says okay, see you later. She leaves.

Sid thinks Ayaan will be in his room, so I’ll play Holi with Tanu. Harsh, Sid and Kinshuk speak. Sid thinks Ayaan will be in his room, so I’ll play Holi with Tanu. Faltu says no, I will go meet my friends. Kinshuk says no way, you will play with us. Faltu says I don’t play Holi. He asks why you want to meet friends.

She thinks I need to go and play the match. Tanisha said don’t worry, you can go by 1 pm. Faltu thinks I will get a chance to check Kanika’s phone. Tanu asks her to make a sandwich for her, I don’t like oily food. Faltu says I’ll get it for you, just sit out. The chawl guy calls her. He says we’re going to get there at 3 pm. She says I’ll be there, so wait for me outside. She thinks I must leave somehow.


Tanu and Ayaan play Holi. Faltu comes. Ayaan and Faltu play Holi.

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