Faltu 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu says she wants to contact the hospital about Ayaan. Lajwanti says he would have gone home by now and we should stay away from Tanisha and Ayaan. Lajwanti says tell me something, you love Ayaan, right. Faltu gets tense. Tanisha takes care of Ayaan. Kanika smiles as they pass.

Tanisha asks Kanika to come in. Kanika says I’m leaving now, Tanu, you didn’t sleep last night, Ayaan, you don’t worry either, we’re handling business well, Tanu is handling the house, you can rely on Tanu. Lajwanti says we can’t call from our number, someone in the chawl can help us. Faltu asks who he is. Lajwanti says he is a nice guy, shall I call him? Faltu declines.

Lajwanti says okay, I’ll get him. Faltu asks who he is, is it the same guy she met last night? Tanisha asks what happened to her mother. Janardhan doesn’t like your sympathy for Faltu, he asked me to explain to you, he is stressed about Ayaan, and he is afraid Faltu may return to his life. Tanisha claims I need to find my answers, so I am bringing Faltu back.

Lajwanti says Ajay has arrived. Faltu asks him to call Ayaan and inquire about his health. He says I haven’t done this before. She says fine, you call and give the phone to me. He calls JM Mart reception. She acts as a reporter and asks about Ayaan’s accident. She lies. Ayaan is better now, he’s home, and he’ll be on bed rest for 15 days. She thanks him and smiles. Amar/Ajay is also thanked.

Kanika asks why do you want to complicate your life, Tanisha says I can’t live in fear, I want to end this permanently, Ayaan loves Faltu, I must end this forever, Faltu is his wife, and I can’t take any risk. Jamuna calls Lajwanti and Faltu.

They are shocked. Faltu asks how this happened. She cries and says your dad… Pratap cries and asks Ratan to call a doctor. Jamuna says Charan might have suffered a heart attack, but the doctor didn’t come until now. They get shocked.

When we reached the village, Ratan and Pappi began troubling us. She remembers Ratan arguing with Charan and asking him to pay back Pappi’s loan. Ayaan thinks of the person who met him in the hospital. Tanisha asks him not to take the stress. Charan gets a heart attack. Faltu cries a lot. Tanisha is strict like a school teacher, says Savita. She asks Ayaan for breakfast. She tells Tanisha to sponge him.

Faltu packs her bags. She falls and gets hurt. Amar and Lajwanti come. Faltu says they won’t rule if Charan doesn’t have a son.

She says I have to go to Dad and tell him that everything will get fine, but I have no idea how Jamuna will handle this. Amar says you can’t take the right decision in anger. Ayaan asks why am I tensed thinking of Tanisha coming close to me, if I refuse her, she will hurt me.

Ayaan says I’ll do it myself, get the clothes for me. Tanisha says fine, fine, as you say. She goes. Lajwanti says I spoke to Pratap, Charan is in the hospital. Faltu says I’ll go to the village and see my dad, Antima has already broken up with him. Lajwanti asks what will we do there, Pappi is also there. Faltu says we can’t leave our parents alone out of fear, Dad needs us, we will go there.


He asks her to become a maid in his house, and she agrees. Faltu says he won’t keep your favour, he will return the money to you and your wife. Ayaan asks how she will repay him.

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