Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th April 2023 Written Episode Update


He says Sahiba made his mother ill and is now acting worried for her. He says Sahiba should be kicked out of the house by his mother. Sahiba opens her eyes and calls Angad. Angad runs to her calling Mamma. The doctor comes and tests her blood sugar. Angad asks if everything is okay. The doctor asks if Manveer ate anything.

Manveer shouts how dare Sahiba feed her house’s barfi? Keerat asks her how she could be so bitter after having pure ghee sweet. She asks the doctor if she did something wrong. The doctor asks Manver to calm down since Sahiba saved her life. Angad says he understood Sahiba correctly, she creates problems before she solves them herself. Then he thanks her for saving his mamma’s life.

The maid brings hot milk to Sahiba’s order. Sahiba asks Manveer to drink it from Angad’s hand if not her own. Manveer shouts at Angad to kick Sahiba out of the house. Angad asks her to calm down. When Angad drops milk on his hand, Sahiba airs his hand. The serial’s title track plays in the background. Angad shouts that she must be crazy to give a hot glass without paper.

She goes to drop Keerat out. Angad asks if she is alright and Sahiba says she forgot that a rich lad shouldn’t touch anything directly. When she hears Santosh saying nobody will marry her, Seerat becomes upset. She thinks she can convince Garry to marry her and lead a normal life. As Sahiba drops Keerat out, she asks her to keep an eye on Seerat. Keerat assures her not to worry about Seerat and leaves. Garry plays Seerat’s voice recording. Sahiba stops hearing Seerat’s voice.

Garry learns that Seerat eloped with him, believing his fake promises and that she ruined her life, tried to commit suicide but was saved, etc. Sahiba is shocked to learn that Seerat eloped with Garry. In lieu of attending the factory accident, Garry went missing during the wedding. She followed Garry and thought both Garry and Seerat made mistakes, but only Seerat was blamed. She decides to confront Seerat before confronting Garry.

The next morning, Sahiba gets ready and walks to the breakfast table. Veera welcomes her. Sahiba fills a juice glass and sips some juice. Angad walks in next and drinks juice. It’s Sahiba’s glass. Angad gets angry with Sahiba. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to stop anyone from eating or drinking. Veer says their love grows when they share the same glass and plate.

Veer leaves. Sahiba walks towards the door. Angad stops her and asks what happened to her investigation. Sahiba gives him a pen and paper and asks him to note down all his taunts and allegations and repeat them to the culprit boy. Angad says he will show her what betraying his means. Sahiba says they usually have dear ones or someone close to them betrays them, maybe this boy is his dear one. Angad says what rubbish. Sahiba says she is wondering how he will punish those dear ones instead of her.

She shouldn’t drag his cousins into this, Angad says, he doesn’t trust her nonsensical talk. Sahiba asks if he will believe the evidence. She says she has answered all the questions and Angad asks where she is going. She says home. He insists on dropping her off. Their nok jhok continues.

Precap: Sahiba is dropped off at home by Angad.

As she can escape from the backdoor, Sahiba asks him to stop guarding the front door.

Seerat calls Garry and asks him to stop calling him. Sahiba picks up the phone and listens to him. Angad wonders who she is talking to.

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