Kumkum Bhagya 27th March 2023 written update

Kumkum Bhagya

Ranbir and Prachi look at each other while dancing with Rhea and Akshay respectively. Ashok arrives. Akshay approaches Ashok. Ashok asks if you proposed to Prachi. Ashok asks how you became my son. Ranbir asks where your wife is. Akshay says no, I could not propose since I didn’t have the courage. Ashok asks how you became my son. Ranbir asks where my wife is.

As Ashok asks if you are married and asks him to propose to that girl, Ranbir turns and sees Prachi, Rhea, and Priya standing. He asks what are you saying? There is no way you will get such a good girl because God has stopped making such girls. Ranbir asks Ashok to relax and tells him that Akshay will propose. Akshay takes the ring. Ranbir says I’ll help him propose.

Ranbir tells Akshay to go home and rest. Ashok leaves. Vikram calls everyone to the cake-cutting. Akshay assures him. Prachi remembers asking Ranbir to make a wish. Ranbir is about to cut the cake. Dida and Badi Dida ask him to make a wish. Ranbir prays to God to give her Khushi. Prachi stands nearby.

As he is about to make Badi Dida have the cake piece, she pushes him near Rhea. Prachi is standing near Rhea. Prachi thinks Ranbir remembers our promises and reminds him that he made her have the first piece of cake. Ranbir gives Rhea the first piece of cake.

Ranbir cuts his finger while cutting the cake. Rhea runs to him and bandages his finger. Everyone smiles. Prachi doesn’t show sadness on her face. Akshay tells Prachi that Ranbir and Rhea love each other very much. Prachi is happy for Rhea.

Then Ranbir tells Rhea that if he is injured, then his family will be hurt. She tells him that this family is because of you. Ranbir tells her that no one will believe him if he tells anyone about her. She asks Ranbir if she was bad, and he says no. She tells him she wasn’t much worse then or now. Badi Dida comes in and praises her.

It is every day that she talks to Vikram, Pallavi, and Dida. Rhea says she used to pray for her family and says that now that her sister is back, her mannat is fulfilled. She says I thought I would miss Prachi, as she believed in God so much.

Ranbir thanks her for the bandaid and cares now that he has Prachi. Vikram says Rhea brings the cake every year without fail. Akshay says my wife isn’t there, so he didn’t come. She says she is unmarried. Vikram says you are single. Akshay says he is single and ready to mingle. Vikram calls Pallavi and asks her to marry Akshay for him.

Vikram says you only coughed, it could be more serious. Akshay says he was shocked when he heard about the marriage, so he coughed. Dida gives him water. As I have found my love, I don’t want to marry Naina. I am proposing to her today, your son Ranbir is helping me. Dida asks if we know her.

He says he will show you and points at Prachi. He says she is standing in a baby pink saree, and says, Prachi. Pallavi, Vikram and Dida are shocked. When I showed her to Ranbir, he said that I could not get a better girl than her, and he saw love in her eyes, which I couldn’t see since I was nervous.

Then he asks why you all are shocked. Vikram says we are not shocked, we’re reacting because Ranbir didn’t tell us. In order to keep the bowl, Akshay breaks it. Prachi runs to him worriedly and scolds him for being careless. Vikram says it seems everyone has moved on since he last saw her.

Badi Dida tells Rhea what Akshay said. Rhea says Ranbir is fine. Badi Dida hugs her. Pallavi asks what happened. Then Dida asks Pallavi. Pallavi says someone is going to propose to Prachi. Rhea asks what? Pallavi says Akshay will propose. Rhea says it means Ranbir likes Akshay and asks if Prachi loves him. Pallavi says Akshay was hurt when you took Ranbir inside.

Upon hearing Akshay got hurt, Ranbir leaves. Pallavi says Prachi showed concern for him and scolded him, so I think she really cares. Rhea says she is grateful to the Lord.

He says now you can see your future with him and you won’t feel guilty. Dida says Mata Rani will keep my children (Ranbir and Rhea) happy.

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