Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update

In the episode, Ranbir tells Khushi that he trusts her completely. Khushi asks what kind of relationship they have. Ranbir gets emotional and says God will write our relationship beyond friendship. As Khushi asks Shiv for something he says yes. Khushi asks him to meet her every day. Ranbir says my baccha, I will meet you every day. She sees Laali staring at them and asks Ranbir to go.

Khushi says she doesn’t like anyone. Ranbir says I will meet you secretly every day. Khushi says whatever I wrote in the paper will happen surely. They shake hands. The two of them will always be together, Khushi says. Ranbir leaves from there. Payal comes to Laali and asks her to listen. Laali asks her why she was looking at Ranbir.

Payal asks her not to give her daughter to Ranbir and tells her that he is a molester, he takes advantage of girls’ respect. Laali is stunned. Ashok is met by an employee at the airport. He asks if Prachi is in the office. The employee says no, I didn’t go to the office today, and I came here directly. Ashok says you should have left earlier and gone to the office. He asks if you have any idea about the loss of business. The employee apologizes.

During the preparation, Prachi asks herself why she is getting hurt and why she will help only the truth when she sees Ranbir not defending himself. She worries that NGO women will do wrong to him. As he calls Prachi, he asks if she is in the office. Prachi says no and says that she has made the quotation. Ashok is happy and tells her that he is in Delhi.

It would have been my responsibility to do the work. Ashok says I need to talk to you, so I’ll reach the office quickly. Prachi says she has important work to do and will come. He says if I don’t see you, I’ll have a heart attack. She thinks she has to go to work and that Ranbir can handle the situation. She gets a call again and leaves the office. Ashok asks her to come fast. Prachi thinks she has to go to work and thinks Ranbir will handle it for her.

Aryan and Vikram come to Ranbir. Vikram hugs him and asks if he’s okay. Ranbir says yes. Vikram asks why you’re tense. Ranbir says it’s not about personal life. Ranbir says he’s tired of doing extra work since Kaya and her father left. Aryan reminds him of Payal’s case. Ranbir says that’s okay. Vikram asks if you don’t mind. Pallavi and Dida ask Ranbir to come to the temple to pray to Mata Rani. Ranbir says he has much work to do and asks them to go and pray to Mata Rani as Mata Rani listens to them.

Upon hearing Dida’s request, Ranbir agrees to accompany them to the door. He says you people are so trusting in God. Pallavi assures him that Mata Rani will take care of everything. Mata Rani will make everything alright and asks Ranbir not to worry. They leave. Ranbir closes the door. Vikram comes back and rings the doorbell. He takes the car keys and hugs Ranbir.

He comes back to take his phone and hugs him, saying “I am with you always.” The doorbell rings again. Ranbir says they are taking me from here, so he will open the door. He finds Payal with the NGO women and media. A lady introduces herself as Malti from a women’s NGO and introduces the other ladies as Urmila and Indu.

Introducing herself as Tania, she says you may have seen me on news channels. Ranbir asks, but what are you doing here? Payal says sorry Sir, you forced me to do it. Malti shows the CCTV footage in which Ranbir and Payal are hugging. Ranbir says he went to her house to follow up on the complaint. Ranbir says I asked you normally and didn’t threaten you. Payal says you threatened me. Ranbir says you know well why you threatened me.

Malti says now you have to face us. Urmila says we will blacken your face for disrespecting women. Payal can accuse him again of threatening her and scaring her. The reporter says it will be recorded and broadcast on every news channel. They get into his house and hold his hand. He tells the NGO women that they are doing wrong. He says Payal is lying. The woman is about to put her inked hand on his face when Prachi stops her.

She shows the CCTV footage of Payal’s house in which Payal falls intentionally Ranbir helps her get up, and she hugs him to trap him. She says, “Don’t do anything that you have to repent later.”.

She asks Payal if she will tell the truth or if I shall tell. Ranbir asks what you are doing Prachi, and if you know what is happening. Prachi says the truth.

He says you only say you are chik (chikchiki). Prachi asks Payal if she will tell or if I’ll tell. He says please don’t say anything. It is said that you have betrayed me and that I never felt like you could play games with me. Both of you want to ruin my life. I thought you were with me, with the truth, but you are with your husband. Prachi says you’re right, I’m with truth, and you’ve lied to me, betrayed me, and I’m wrong.

In her reply, she says, I want to show you Payal’s truth, and that she has never been molested or behaved wrongly. As Ranbir is a good person, he warned her and left after Payal stole money from the company where she worked. She said Payal didn’t finish that work that day, so she came back the next day and stole money again, and Ranbir caught her while she was transferring money from the company’s account into her personal account. According to Payal, all this is a lie, and she says you took me to the PS even though she didn’t want to file a complaint.

She says justice is not for the wrong person and she is wrong and not Ranbir. She says you are wrong and not Ranbir and I went against my husband to get justice for you. Prachi says you are telling lies and making up stories to save him. Payal says you are making up stories to save him. She shows them the CCTV footage and tells them the guy is her boyfriend. When Ranbir enters the house, the guy hides. Ranbir knocks on Payal’s door and asks why she is afraid.

After Ranbir left, her boyfriend came to Payal and left his shoe. He asked what Ranbir Kohli was doing. Payal told me he would tell everyone I was stealing money from the company if I didn’t take back the complaint. The boyfriend tells her not to worry. He says everyone will trust her because she is a girl. He says we have set this game, so everything will happen as we intend.

Then Payal says she called Prachi Maam. Prachi says that when the sound of my car was heard, Payal asked her boyfriend to hide in the washroom. She says that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, so why did he hide, I didn’t know him. When I came inside, she says, I saw his shoes, and when I asked Payal about them, she said they belonged to her boyfriend, who didn’t take them. He then came out of the bathroom, wore his shoes, and left.

She shows the CCTV footage. Payal says it’s all lies. Prachi says it’s your house’s CCTV footage. Payal gets angry at Prachi for ruining her planning and hard work and raises her hand at Prachi. Ranbir holds Payal’s hand. Prachi tells Ranbir that he should have told the truth earlier.

It is you who are saying so, who didn’t tell me the truth and expect me to tell the truth. Prachi tells Priya that their boss’ son looks like him and shows a photo. The boss’ son makes an entry.

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