Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2023

The episode begins with Ranbir checking the size of a bangle and purchasing a red one. Prachi asks the little girl if she liked the red bangles. She says Bauji said he would bring them. Prachi says he should bring what he wants, he is late. She asks if you like my choice. The shopkeeper shows Ranbir something to wear on his neck. He likes the chain and says he knows her choice well, and she’ll be thrilled to see it.

The girl informs Prachi that Bauji likely won’t approve of the sparkle. She replies saying he may be a boy but he’s sure to realize I understand you better than him. The shopkeeper remarks to Ranbir nobody else comprehends the situation as he does and adds that many fathers visit but get puzzled when it comes to selecting items. Ranbir responds with, “Honestly…” At that moment, another salesman trips over. After receiving a phone call from Pallavi, Ranbir tells her he has already acquired what she wanted and affirms she will look great in it. He requests her to have everything ready before he returns. In awe of the situation, the salesman states the girl is lucky to have such a dad.

She is told by the girl with Prachi that Papa won’t like it. Prachi tells Papa that she looks gorgeous wearing it, and says that he will accept defeat and will say that her choice is best. He says that my choice is the best. Dadi’s sister comes there and tells her that you were the same as her, Pragya showed me an album when you were small. Shahana asks Prachi to make prasad halwa.

Taking the girl with her, Prachi asks her not to go with her Bauji without meeting her. Shahana takes the girl with her. When Prachi makes prasad, the girl asks Shahana if the eye shadow and copper blush are good. She says they are. Ranbir asks the girl who applied the eye shadow and blushes. Pallavi arrives and says she looks good, so let it be. Ranbir says she does not look beautiful. He wipes the girl’s face of extra make-up.

She says I have made her get ready every year since she was 1 year old, and asks her father to let her be. Mauli’s father tells Prachi that she sees her daughter in Mauli.

Pallavi says once she wears the dress brought by you, she will look better. Dida takes her to change clothes. Pallavi says you see your daughter in Radha. He says yes, and says Radha was born on the same day as Panchi, 10th Monday. Pallavi asks if he really sees Radha. He says yes. She says Bhairav is needed. A boy arrives.

During kanya puja/kanjak puja, Ranbir performs it while Prachi does it at home. Prachi asks the kids to finish prasad fast. Shahana says Mauli will have food with her hand. Prachi replies, “Of course.” Mauli asks her to make her eat puri. She blames Ranbir and says my daughter would have eaten kheer like me and that if Ranbir hadn’t come, I would have got her. Prachi says her daughter would have eaten kheer like me and thinks about her.

Ranbir believes that his daughter would not have had the choice to eat sweets first, and he would have dressed her in red. He remembers how Aaliya slipped and the baby tumbled into the river. In anguish, he asked Prachi to leave, feeling that she had snatched away his joy. He feels it’s due to Prachi that his daughter is not with him. On the other hand, Prachi feels her absence is because of Ranbir. Grandma Dadi implores Prachi to forget it all and proceed with the ceremony of applying kajal to the girls and tying Mauli around their necks. The lady asked the kids not to demolish any arrangements. Pondering over his daughter, Prachi went ahead to apply kajal; she thought if her daughter was here today, her eyes would resemble hers.

The daughter of Prachi and Ranbir is shown wearing a black thread pendant of a star and moon. In the temple, she sings, takes flowers and showers on the Goddess. When the lady comes to her, she pulls her ears, advising her not to come there. She says, “I told you not to come, but you did”.

The girl says she couldn’t shake off the sound of Shank voice, as if Mata Rani were summoning her. The lady then says there is no other task for Mata Rani than to beckon her. She implores the girl to start selling flowers at the signal. So, without any shoes, she begins peddling her wares. The lady assumes that people will be moved by her plight and will thus buy flowers from her. One woman does just that and gives her a generous Rs 100. When she goes back to the lady, she requests for 70 Rs, but what she gets is 50 Rs with 20Rs stolen in between. With this accusation placed on her, the lady demands that she keep all the money and quickly hurries away as the signal turns green.

The girl comes back to the lady and says Maayi, you had given me 20 Rs less. She says if they steal 20 Rs each, then it is 200 from 10 people. She says it’s wrong, says the lady who bought it got angry with her for 20 Rs, and wouldn’t buy flowers again. She asks her if she’s from the Satyavaa family. She asks her where she learned such things and tells her to sell all the flowers.

As the car stops at the signal, the girl asks the passenger to give her the change so that her mother will not take it. The girl’s Maayi hears this and assumes that her mother must have died due to poverty while saying the truth to her.

When Prachi gets out of the car in front of AK Finance, Priya, her assistant, tells her about the meeting. Prachi says they want finance, not us. She warns her not to make any mistakes.

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