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In her room, Shagun contemplates having alone time with Manmeet in a foreign location and expresses gratitude to Meet for the gift. While packing her luggage, Shagun receives a call from Meet. Standing outside her room, Meet asks if she has finished packing. Startled, Shagun asks if it’s Meet. Meet playfully questions her fear and comments on her nervousness. Whispering to herself, Shagun wonders how Meet knows about her condition. Shagun demands to know why Meet isn’t revealing itself. Meet advises Shagun to stop packing as they know the truth and possess evidence. Meet promises to reveal everything soon. Anxious, Shagun asserts that Meet will never find her evidence. Meet disconnects the call, leaving Shagun worried. Meet determines to find out if Shagun is hiding evidence.

Jasodha calls everyone to the common area, informing them about the jagrata arranged for Manmeet’s safety. Shagun agrees with the plan, and Manmeet questions her excessive sweating. Shagun claims she was on the terrace. Meenakshi notices Shagun’s yellow eyes and suggests she rest, warning that she might fall sick. Meenakshi offers to take care of Shagun for the night, reassuring everyone to leave. Shagun insists on staying to look after Manmeet. Gunwanti asks Meenakshi to give Shagun some water to drink. Sarkar instructs Mahendra to increase security due to Meet’s presence. Shagun reassures everyone that she will be with Manmeet at all times. As everyone leaves, only Meet and Jasodha remain. Jasodha informs Meet that time is running out to prove her innocence in front of Sarkar and walks away.

Mahendra, Sarkar, and Narendra discuss the situation. Sarkar mentions asking Manmeet to leave but admits his paternal reluctance to let him go abroad. However, with Meet on the loose and threatening his son, Sarkar instructs them to bring Meet to him at any cost. Everyone gathers for the jagrata and begins the religious ceremony. Manmeet reminisces about his time with Sarkar and Jasodha. Security guards keep an eye on Meet. Mahendra records a video, using Chanda as a hostage, and increases the bounty to 25 lakhs, urging people to circulate the video.

Meet prays to God, seeking help in finding evidence against Shagun. Manmeet sits beside Meenakshi, handing her something and instructing her to offer it to God. Meenakshi questions why Manmeet isn’t participating in the ceremony. Manmeet expresses his frustration, blaming Meet for ruining his family and dreams. He believes that the Goddess is indifferent to his plight and decides to leave the jagrata. Shagun follows him, and Meet opens the parcel before leaving.

Shagun approaches Manmeet, asking why he’s worried when they are not leaving permanently. Meenakshi calls Manmeet aside for a moment to talk. Manmeet obliges, and Meenakshi takes the opportunity. Meenakshi confesses her love for Manmeet, surprising him. She explains how her feelings have transformed from hate to love, expressing her happiness when he is happy and her sadness when he is upset.

Meanwhile, Shagun, away from everyone, opens the parcel and discovers a wig inside along with a note. Shagun becomes scared and drops the note, quickly picking it up and walking away. Manmeet questions why Meenakshi appears shy and urges her to speak her mind. Meenakshi notices Shagun walking away and seizes the opportunity to divert Manmeet’s attention. She declares her love for him, leaving him bewildered. Meenakshi confesses that she plans to propose to the person she likes at Shera Dhaba that night.

Shagun, alone in the market, contemplates how Meet can only expose her if she finds all the evidence, that Shagun has hidden. Sarkar encounters Shagun and asks where she is going. Shagun tries to avoid the question and conceals the wig. Sarkar insists on knowing what she’s holding and takes the note from her hand. After reading the note, Sarkar asks who gave it to her and wonders if Meet is coming. Shagun thanks her stars for the note getting ruined by water, preventing suspicion. Shagun claims that she found the note and warns Sarkar about Meet’s plans to attack Manmeet. Sarkar gathers everyone and alerts them about Meet, urging them to be cautious. Everyone leaves except Meet and Jasodha. Meet realizes that if Shagun won’t go to the evidence, she needs to find another way. She prays to God for assistance.

Shagun returns to the jagrata and sits beside Gunwanti, feeling scared due to the situation. Meenakshi joins her and sits next to her. Sarkar asks Mahendra to locate Meet and eliminate her. Sarkar sits next to Manmeet. Meet pretends to be possessed by a divine entity and tells Shagun in front of everyone that her hands are stained with blood.

Meet begins to act like she is possessed and accuses Shagun of having blood on her hands in front of everyone.

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