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Meet 8th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manmeet thanked Hoshiyar deeply for his help and offered to house them at the Alhawat Mansion. Despite Manmeet’s intention to move elsewhere, Hoshiyar insisted they remain with him. It was then he mentioned Meet’s plan to organize a naming ceremony for Cheeku. At the same time, Sumeet had followed Jasodha’s suggestion to make an ice pack for Vani who had a fever. While Manmeet missed his partner, Cheeku noticed and inquired about his emotions. Finally, Jasodha returned her mangalsutra to Sarkar, resolutely sticking to her choice.

Jasodha declares her plan to move in with Manmeet, as it is a joyous day because his son has been officially named. Masoom proposes to put forward a suggestion for the baby’s name, but Meet finds an unexpected way to honour his ex-father-in-law, Raj Vardhan, who had welcomed Jasodha like his own kin by suggesting ‘Cheeku’. Just before departure from Sarkar Mahal, Sarkar brings up Manmeet’s words provoking an attack and him collapsing on the floor that leaves Jasodha scared.

Mahendra and Gunwanti are ready to take over the household if anything should happen to Sarkar. Meet lightly jokes about her father’s emotions, saying these must be tears of joy. Everyone is in good spirits when Sumeet introduces Cheeku as “Raj Bhaiya” and presents him with a photo containing Meet, Manmeet, Sumeet, and Raj. However, their celebrations come to a sudden halt when Mahendra reports that Sarkar is unwell. The portrait slips from Raj’s hand and breaks into pieces. At the hospital, Manmeet cries at seeing Sarkar’s weakened state due to facial paralysis and inability to speak. Jasodha expresses her wish for things between Sarkar and them to change for betterment although she has no idea how it would all turn out like this. Meet comforts her by assuring her that he will recover soon enough.

When the emergency fire alarm blares, Sarkar is in his wheelchair without help. Manmeet sees this and hurries to keep him from toppling over. The doctor informs them that it is only a false alarm, nothing to be troubled about. Sarkar implores Manmeet if he has pardoned him yet. Manmeet states that Sarkar loves him immensely yet he won’t accept that love. Manmeet opens up about how he has been hurt by those around him and now a family is relying on him, but promises to come back when needed before departing.

Manmeet entrusts Mahendra with the task of looking after Sarkar. With Manmeet gone, Mahendra seeks to gain influence over the factory. When Meet objects to Manmeet leaving Sarkar Mahal, he insists that it is only natural to be concerned about him. However, Manmeet clarifies that his return isn’t an option for him. Upon their arrival, the ladies implore Sarkar not to implement ancient rites again. To which Jasodha inquires what ritual they are hinting at; some men explain that either women must etch the name of their husband on their hands or else agree to become wives of all in the village. Finally, Jasodha wonders who is behind such absurd rules as these.

Meet tries convincing Manmeet to return to Sarkarpur. Mahendra appears and declares himself the new Sarkar.


Mahender declares himself to be the new Sarkar. Sarkar says he didn’t grant you the right to sit in my place. Mahender with Sarkar says today you have to announce that I’ll be the next Sarkar of Sarkarpur. Sarkar says Meet Hooda will be the next Sarkar of Sarkarpur.


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