Meet 27th June 2023 Written Update


Meet 27th June 2023, Written Update:

Masoom and Raj are deep in conversation, planning the various events for the upcoming wedding. Sumeet also chimes in with her own thoughts on how to handle the lighting and entry arrangements. However, Raj is taken aback and concerned when he notices Sumeet touching the lights. He quickly urges her to come down from the chair she was standing on. At that moment, Shagun calls Sumeet and uses a clever trick to lure her away from the group, claiming there is poor network connection elsewhere. Meanwhile, Raunak makes a gesture towards the pool and Sumeet ends up falling in. Feeling like his moment to shine has arrived, Raunak is surprised when Shlok beats him to it by jumping into the pool and rescuing Sumeet instead.

As Sumeet loses consciousness, Shlok attempts to wake her. Meanwhile, Raunak’s plan backfires and he feigns reviving Sumeet by rubbing her hands. Raj enters the scene and sees Raunak assisting Sumeet, unaware of his true intentions. Raunak deceives Raj by claiming to have saved Sumeet, with the waiter supporting his fabrication. Raj is grateful to Raunak for his actions and Sumeet expresses her gratitude as well. A flashback reveals how Raunak manipulated Shlok into leaving with the help of the waiter. Later, Raunak continues to play nice and suggests that Raj takes Sumeet home to prevent her from catching a cold. However, Shlok eventually confronts Raunak for falsely trying to impress Raj and Sumeet. Undeterred, Raunak asserts his superiority over Shlok.

Raunak updates Shagun on the success of her plan. Meanwhile, Shlok accompanies his mother on a trip to purchase vegetables, and feigns a series of sneezes. He then asks his mother for a herbal drink, which she playfully teases him about due to his wet appearance without any rain. Despite this, she agrees to make the drink so that he can use it in his act. Back at Sumeet’s home, she continues to sneeze, causing Raj to become increasingly agitated. Masoom expresses concern over how the Choudhary family will react upon learning that Raj is not interested in Raunak’s proposal for Sumeet. Shagun directs Raunak to go to the Ahlawat residence and follow her instructions precisely, all while keeping his anger in check. Confidently, Shagun believes that Raj will ultimately agree and their revenge will be achieved.

Shlok arrives at the Ahlawat residence and presents Sumeet with the herbal drink prepared by his mother. Despite her remark about its unpleasant smell, he insists on giving it to her by pinching her nose. As he prepares to leave, Raj confronts him and warns him not to return. Just then, Raunak shows up and puts on a facade of kindness towards Shlok. He reveals that he has brought in a specialist to examine Sumeet’s condition. While pretending to cancel his own plans due to a family emergency over the phone, Raunak impresses Raj with his actions and requests him to guide the doctor to Sumeet’s room.

Sumeet informs Raunak that she is already feeling better thanks to the drink made by Shlok’s mother. Her caretaker playfully suggests that even just hearing one of Raunak’s songs could have improved her mood. Sumeet compliments his voice and describes it as truly touching. Masoom convinces Raj that Raunak is the perfect match for Sumeet. Seeing Sumeet and Raunak laughing together, Raj agrees to the proposal. Masoom proposes to confirm with Mrs. Chaudhary about their acceptance, but Sumeet speaks up and expresses her reluctance to marry Raunak, which angers him.

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