Pandya Store 28th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Dhara’s shocked expression as she rushes home to save Prerna. Shivank attempts to speak with Prerna, but she interrupts and hits him before running out of the room. Dhara arrives at home and witnesses Prerna’s escape. She also sees Shivank and immediately slaps him. Prerna then embraces Dhara in tears and confesses that he tried to force himself on her, urging her to call the police. Shivank is bewildered by these accusations, while Dhara expresses her anger towards him for crossing all limits and vows to not let him get away with it. In a state of distress, Prerna blames herself for ignoring the warnings given by Dhara and Krish about Shivank’s character. He is confused as he asks what he did wrong.

Upon returning home, everyone sees Dhara scolding Shivank. Gautam asks Dhara to stop. Suman asks where did Shivank go. Prerna tells them everything. Suman consoles her. Shivank says she is wrong. Dev and Gautam beat him. Shweta hears the sound. Shivank says I have no regrets. Shweta says Gautam is screaming, let me see. Dhara warns Gautam not to believe Shivank. He holds Prerna’s hand, saying, “You are my wife, if it is wrong to love a wife, then I will be punished.”

Prerna refuses to hold Shivank’s hand, reminding him that she is not his wife. He responds with a dramatic laugh. Shweta suspects something from Shivank’s behavior. Gautam points out that their marriage was based on deceit and Prerna does not acknowledge Shivank as her husband. In defense, Shivank claims that their marriage is important to him. Dev questions if he has been granted permission to act as he pleases. Shivank confesses his love for Prerna. Suman intervenes, stating that she had advised them to reconcile. Gautam expresses disapproval towards a husband who forcefully imposes himself on his wife without her consent. Suman questions why Prerna did not leave for Canada with her parents earlier and stayed with Shivank until now, suggesting it would have been better if they had reconciled sooner instead of prolonging the situation.

After returning home, Raavi and Rishita are taken aback to see Arushi dressed in bridal attire while having a heated exchange with her mother. Despite her mother’s suggestion to leave Somnath, Arushi firmly declares that she will still marry Shiva as she believes Dhara can’t harm her. In response, Dhara asserts that when a girl says no, it should be respected. As the drama unfolds, Prerna argues with Suman about her marriage to Krish. She reveals that she had considered Krish a friend and even shared a room with him, but now realizes that their relationship was built on lies. Prerna confesses that she only stayed for the sake of love and hoped they would reconcile, not to preserve their marriage. In defense, Suman questions whether it is right for Prerna to hope for Krish’s relationship with Shweta to end since Shweta is carrying his child.

Suman scolds Prerna while Dhara defends her marriage to Gautam, stating that he never acted against her will. She then turns to Shweta and questions how she allowed something wrong to happen with Prerna. In response, Shweta claims innocence, saying she was in her room and unaware of the situation. Dev reminds her of past actions towards their son Krish and Dhara agrees, equating Shweta with Shivank. Raavi interrupts, refusing to hear any accusations against Shivank and he embraces her, proclaiming his innocence and explaining his feelings for Prerna. However, Prerna is not convinced and reprimands him as well.

Dev says I will call the police. Raavi stops Dev and supports Shivank. Dhara says you are justifying Shivank’s crime. Raavi asks if Hardik was involved in this situation. Rishita asks how you can compare Hardik to Shivank. Raavi says yes, he is my brother. She asks Prerna to explain what he did to her, and they go. Dhara says I know your truth, come with me to the police station, and I will not lose the chance of getting him punished.


Shivank will be removed from the Pandya family by Dhara.


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