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Pandya Store

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Suman counsels Gautam as Krish brings in his baggage. Shiva inquires of him where he is going, to which Krish responds that he is departing for Canada, leaving the Pandyas stunned. Shivang then makes a video call to Shweta and gives her a live update about what’s happening at the Pandya residence. Unseen, Dhara slips into the kitchen while feigning to make tea, in order to overhear what transpires in the hall. Suman implores Krish not to leave for Canada and promises that she will make Prerna come around. Nevertheless, Krish stands firm on his decision as he shouts out that his joy has yet again been ruined by them. Watching all this through her screen, Shweta smiles coyly.

Prerna is packing her bag. She informs her mom that she is returning to Canada. She asks her mom if Krish is also coming. When Prerna recalls what happened, she says Krish will not come. It makes her mother want to talk to Krish, but Prerna says she won’t. In Canada, Shweta’s parents make immediate plans to travel to India to talk to Prerna. However, Shweta assures them that she will explain everything to Prerna once she returns home.

He asks how he dares to say that they could ruin Krish’s happiness. Shiva is furious and holds Krish’s shirt collar. Gautam asks Shiva to leave Krish. Krish shouts yes. Dhara recalls Shweta’s words and refrains from going to the hall. Krish suggests that problems aren’t resolved through talking but through physical confrontation, and he requests Gautam to hit him. Suman weeps and grieves over the situation.

Gautam asks Krish not to leave. Krish asks Gautam why they did not stop Prerna. He admits he committed a mistake, but it wasn’t intentional. Krish inquires the Pandyas if anyone had touched his bag, which provokes anger in Shiva. He explains that Shweta raped him, but they didn’t understand and tried to make Prerna understand. Krish says he can’t find his passport. Meanwhile, Prerna also cannot find her passport and becomes concerned.

Rishita says to Krish that they have failed to locate his passport and requests him to look for it in his room. Gautam tries to change his mind, informing him that they understand his perspective, but don’t have the bravery to verbalize it with Prerna. Yet, Krish stays determined in his choice. As he heads upstairs for hunting it down in his bedroom, Shiva talks to Dhara. He turns off the stove and tells her tea isn’t required now but Dhara insists vociferously that she is brewing some for herself. Shiva then requests her to prevent Krish from leaving and reminds her that he is her son – a statement which she counters by putting forth the fact that all connections of hers with them have been severed.

Krish angrily questions the Pandyas about his missing passport, unsettling Shiva. Gautam calms him down while Shweta enjoys her ice cream, oblivious to it all. Suman suggests that Krish should check everyone’s room, escorting him to her own. She expresses sorrow in response to Krish accusing her of theft and he brings up a previous incident when she worked with Dhara on a plan. Suman tells Krish to question Dhara instead, but Shiva interjects that she wouldn’t care anyway… only for Dhara to come out at that moment sipping tea. Finally, Shivang disconnecting the call disappoints Shweta.

Prerna’s arrival to the Pandyas’ elicited delight from Krish. She immediately inquired about her passport, while Shivang was giving Shweta the very same document that he had stolen. After examining it, Shweta was overjoyed and thanked him with an embrace. Prerna, however, remained unconvinced of Krish’s innocence and accused him of taking her passport to prevent her from leaving. She demanded he return it; yet he vehemently insisted his own passport had gone missing too. Nonetheless, she continued to distrust him and remarked on the family’s ‘plotting’ abilities.

She issues a threat, stating that if Krish doesn’t return her passport by the following day, she will file a police complaint against him. After delivering the warning, she leaves. Krish becomes puzzled and wonders about the whereabouts of both his and Prerna’s passports.

Meanwhile, Shivang conceals himself and Shweta when Prerna departs in a car. Shweta and Shivang conspire to falsely implicate Prerna and the Pandyas in a counterfeit currency case, with the intention of later pretending to rescue them.


Prerna is surprised to see Dhara. Dhara tries to convince Prerna to marry Krish within 24 hours. Shweta hides when someone enters the washroom. Dhara disguises himself as Shweta.

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