Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Abhimanyu and Akshara argue at the beginning of the episode. She says you do not care about people’s feelings. He says it’s about my son, if I don’t do anything, then anyone can say I didn’t want him. I will fight for his custody. It will blow your mind that a mother can overpower the world. He says a father can shake the entire world, you will face me now, you trust Kanha ji.

He says you trust your Mahadev. They say see you in court and leave. Jaaniye…plays… Manish says Akshara’s phone is off, so I’ll call Abhimanyu. Akshara says let it go, it doesn’t matter. Kairav asks what Manjiri said. Akshara says that the matter didn’t reach her, Abhimanyu said, “See you in court.”

She had hidden this for six years, what am I supposed to say, Kairav says? Manish scolds Akshara. He says don’t give Akshara a clean chit, it is her mistake, I am worried for Abhir. Kairav says fine, if he wants to fight, we will fight. Surekha says no, Abhimanyu can go to any lengths when he gets angry. Akshara worries. Abhimanyu sees the restraining order.

Abhimanyu and Aarohi argue over whether it is the only order of your life. She stops at the door and says I mean Ruhi, I can’t come to you since Abhir is your everything. She says you can break this marriage and relationship, it doesn’t matter, but I worry for Ruhi, I won’t make her adjust, because I won’t let her suffer.

The lawyer’s conference yesterday was held by Abhimanyu, so we have no choice but to fight. Manish says you didn’t leave any room for us, you decide what to do. She says Abhimanyu has decided to fight the case, we have to take back the order, we need good lawyers, and we have to prepare our minds, I know this fight will be challenging, but we can’t lose, and once we make a decision and win, we won’t be afraid of losing our child.

Surekha says we lose courage in court. Akshara says I will not have answers to their questions, but I will not lose, I will fight for my son’s rights.

Abhimanyu arranges the documents. Ruhi says you got ready on time, my teacher always praises me but ignores my teacher’s criticism. He asks why. Aarohi says she will go with you to the PTA. Ruhi says the teacher does not know you, Poppy always goes with me.

He says he has something more important for you than for you. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu to take her. She says you promised you would come with me, and Abhimanyu says I can’t come without you. He hands the file over to Manjiri and tells her to manage the meeting with the lawyers, mentioning that he’s heading to the PTA meeting. She responds, “Go ahead, I’ll take care of it.”

She says don’t lose courage, it’s your biggest test. Dadi feeds Akshara and Abhinav curd and sugar. Abhir arrives and asks which test you are taking. Akshara says you know I missed my law exam. Abhir replies yes, his dad was in jail. He says he will pray for you today. She says he wants me to win. He kisses her on the cheek.

Seeing Abhimanyu’s name on the paper, he asks if Doc Man also taking the test, and he prays that he will both pass. Surekha holds her head. Neela asks Muskaan if he’s hiding anything about Akshara and Abhinav. Suwarna calls Muskaan and says everyone is busy because Abhir’s surgery is near, so you can call me at any time.

Neela requested Manish to make a white pearl ring and wear it on the pinky finger of his left hand to help calm his anger. When he refused, she suggested he drink khas juice for peace of mind. Muskaan jokingly smiled, and then he agreed. He promised Neela that he would find a good match for her daughter, and give her updates every two days. Before leaving he got a call from Manish and Muskaan wished him luck. Finally, Kairav went away.

Manjiri and Anand are inside the lawyers’ office when Akshara enters. Akshara, Manish, Kairav, and Abhinav sit down. The lawyers come arguing. The man/Akshara’s lawyer says sorry, we met in the lift and discussed the case. The lady/Abhimanyu’s lawyer says we should proceed. Lawyers argue on the case. The lady says we cannot believe the child’s mother can raise him, she has handed him over to a stranger, who is himself an orphan. Abhinav becomes sad.


Akshara has no job, she makes jam for money. Abhinav says he has taken a car for rent and will drive the taxi on Udaipur’s roads. Abhir praises Abhimanyu’s house. Abhinav sees Akshara.


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