Meet 7th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

As Manmeet kneels before Sarkar, Meet openly professes her love for him. Shagun then informs Sarkar that he will be reunited with his son, while Meet will have Cheeku. However, she expresses concerns about her own quest for vengeance. Shagun even offers to depart if her absence would facilitate Sarkar’s reunion with his son. Sarkar is clearly aware that Shagun is adamant about not returning Cheeku and goes so far as to threaten anyone who approaches with a knife. He reproaches her for changing her stance at the eleventh hour, but Shagun remains unresponsive to his scolding.

Shagun makes it clear that she intends to bring up Cheeku in a way that will make Meet ashamed when they meet again years later, so Meet retaliates by throwing color at Shagun’s eyes and releasing Cheeku to be with Manmeet. She then manages to hold her own against Shagun, beating her and smearing her body with color. Just as the police showManmeet the stay order signed by the commissioner which means Cheeku has to stay with his biological mother, Shagun rages in defeat. Nevertheless, Meet is firm in her conviction that both Cheeku and Sumeet will remain together forevermore as they are her source of pride. After an ominous promise of revenge, Shagun eventually leaves.

Meet embraces Cheeku as Manmeet interrupts what Sarkar is about to say. The decision has been made: no returning to Sarkar Mahal and any other place where Meet’s dignity is not upheld. Manmeet wonders what their children would be taught if their mother was treated with disrespect by relatives. He conveys his love for Sarkar while declaring he won’t go back with him, then leaves, making Sarkar dumbfounded.

Jasodha implores Lord Krishna to keep her family together and safe. Sarkar shows up and looks for Manmeet and Meet. He reveals that Manmeet abandoned them due to his wife, handing Jasodha the unpleasant task of attempting to convince him back. However, she demands he answer for what he has caused before obliging. She vents her frustration at the situation as well as him, accepting Manmeet’s choice in the end. To top it off she declares that he has not only lost his son but also his wife.

Jasodha informs Sarkar that she will be vacating the house to move away with Manmeet. A suggestion is made by Hoshiyar for them to stay at Alhawat House. Masoom relays the agonies her daughter suffered due to Shagun’s brutality, which Sumeet is comforted over by Cheeku. Mahendra blames Shagun for giving rise to all their troubles, and a sense of loss overwhelms them. Later, when Manmeet edges closer to Meet, both Sumeet and Cheeku come into the room and announce their willingness to sleep together as a group, leaving everyone delighted. As an act of revenge, Gunwanti and Mahendra cook something up against either Sarkar or Jasodha in order to have them return home.


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