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As Manmeet apologizes to Meet, Sarkar leaves in anger. Shagun in tears leaves. Jashoda smiles at Manmeet and leaves. Manmeet says to Meet, a father loses hope when he loses the support of his most capable son; he needs you to leave.

It was Manmeet who said before that I needed to do something more important. He holds Meet’s hand and walks out. Everyone praised Meet, and little girls called him their hero. Meet asks Manmeet what’s going on. According to Manmeet, I ruined your self-respect and reputation. Meet is facilitated by the girls. Sarkar is angry seeing all this. Jashoda smiles at Meet. Everyone claps for Meet.

Meet says I am full seeing the goodness in you. Manmeet says but stomach must be empty and feeds her sweet. Manmeet says I know you haven’t eaten since morning. As I have heard, love and kindness give hope, and I know you and Sarkar love each other a lot, so you have to go near him because he needs you and Shagun must be angry too. Manmeet assures me I’ll convince her to go close to him.

I have forgiven you, please take care of Shagun and your father. Meeting asks if you really forgive me. Meet says yes and asks why. Manmeet says principles, our fight is huge but not at the cost of someone’s self-respect. Meet receives a call from Raj informing him that he is in Sarkarpur.

Jashoda and Gunvanti try to stop Shagun from pouring kerosene on herself. She says that for the Meet, he went against us, so I did so much for Manmeet, but what did I get in return? Gunvanti says we will figure out how to open the door. Shagun says I have found a way, but it’s my death.

As Sarkar becomes angry, Gunvanti rushes to Sarkar’s feet and asks for Manmeet’s help to save her sister. Sarkar says he has no relation to Manmeet now. Jashoda says Shagun, I beg you, don’t do anything. Shagun says I’m counting until 20 and I’ll burn myself if Manmeet doesn’t come. When Raj and Babita saw Manmeet supporting you today we were so happy. So Babita got gifts for Manmeet and his family. Raj asks Meet if she’s happy.

As Meet tells us, she is happy and says Manmeet always portrays himself as a strong, rude man, but he is very kind-hearted and he chose the truth, unlike other Sarkarpur men. Raj smiles and says this is the first time I’m seeing you praise Manmeet. Meet says I’ve already made a decision, and now it’s time. Raj asks what decision he’s made.

Manmeet breaks in, shakes Shagun’s hand and says don’t trust me, I agree I respect you, you are my only love. Shagun tells him to get married right now. As Raj says, the gap between you and Manmeet is widening. What decision would you like to make?

Gunvanti says to Manmeet, Shagun is right. Manmeet says I have to fix everything, I have to respectfully send Meet back to her house. Shagun says, you have time until tomorrow, she shouldn’t interfere with us from now on. Manmeet swears to send Meet Hooda back home tomorrow. Meet Hooda says to Raj that he wants to return to Ahlawat house. Shagun is Manmeet’s happiness, and I don’t want to separate them. Manmeet hugs her.

In Sarkarpur, Raj asks you about your dreams and women’s rights. We were never happy in this marriage, but Meet says my dream will be fulfilled, and he has supported me and I have to support him as well. He will also accept him after marriage to Shagun, so we’ll find another solution, Jashoda always says a bride is one the husband loves and she’s right. Raj blesses Meet and says he will see him tomorrow.

As Raj asks Meet, aren’t you feeling bad leaving Manmeet and his family? Tell me the truth, you can lie to yourself, but not to me. Meet says I feel bad, I spent so much time with them and I feel like changing my mind.

Meeting answers Raj’s question about Manmeet, don’t you feel sad leaving him? Meet says I never imagined I would ever feel this way, but I am sad because I love spending time with him. Raj says Meet finds happiness in Manmeet’s happiness, which means she loves him.


Manmeet sees Raj on a stretcher after Raj meets with an accident.

I feel weird and think something bad is going to happen, says Meet.

A hospitalized Raj says to Manmeet, “Promise me that you won’t tell anything to Meet when I’m gone until someone comes into her life to support her.”.


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