Meet 25th February 2023 Written Update

She packs food in a tiffin and suddenly Shagun takes her hand and says everyone has eaten, so you must be packing tiffins for Meet. I will tell Mom. Then Manmeet walks over to Shagun and asks Meghna why she is packing tiffins for Meet if her mother has asked her to take care of my food. It is okay for you to eat and she cannot eat anything, and the competition should be equal. Meghna says you can think she can fight me, but why do you support her. I am also a girl, and I believe there should be some change in the lives of all women in this village.

She already stepped into the arena and will wrestle in the same arena if she wins. It will prove that men and women are equal if she wins the competition. Manmeet says Meet can bring change. Meghna says yes, change has already begun.

She shouts and calls Meet. Meet walks in and asks what happened, did you cancel the match? Manmeet says no, but we will have dangal because she believes you can beat me. Shagun, Meghna, Meet, and Manmeet in the room with a glass of milk each. Manmeet says if you want to be equal, why don’t you drink five glasses of milk?

Meet says no, I do not want to drink. Manmeet picks up a glass of milk and drinks it. Meet sits down and finishes a glass of milk in one go. Manmeet finishes three glasses of milk. Manmeet finishes two glasses of milk and stops between the third and fourth ones. Manmeet laughs and says you can’t compete in food.

You need courage and a brain to win a fight, which I have. Manmeet says he doesn’t know about brains, but he is sure you have courage, so I’m sure we will be following the same diet. Meet says you must be in love with me. As Manmeet says to Meet you will have the same diet because when you lose you cannot say you didn’t get food to eat my sister Meghna trusts you so she should know that Men and Women are not equal.

No. Meghna nods. Manmeet walks away. Meet says he loves his sister but couldn’t see how trapped she was. Meet looks at Shagun and says he is scared of me, so I step back. Shagun says, “Are you insane?” If you don’t believe it tonight, come out of my room and I’ll prove it to you. She then walks away.

Anuja and her mother are in their room. Her mother keeps money in the box and says everyone will be too busy with the wrestling competition so we will have our chance to get out of this hell. Anuja says she is scared. A plate is banged by Imarti with a spoon. Sapna, Narendra, Jasodha and Gunwanti walk into the hall. Jasodha asks what happened. Imarti says you will become a grandmother. Jasodha gets happy and asks Narendra if the news is right. Imarti looks at Narendra.

Jasodha gets excited about Imarti and asks Gunwanti to call Guniya and ask her about the gender of the baby. Gunwanti says Guniya is not at home. Narendra remembers Imarti blackmailing her earlier and says yes.

Jasodha says no worries, send her a message to come to Sarkar’s palace first and she walks away to tell Sarkar. Gunwanti walks to Sapna and tells her Imarti got pregnant and she can’t help her. Narendra whispers to Sapna and asks if Imarti is really pregnant, and who is she carrying. I’m not pregnant, I’m just lying, and I’ll hide it from everyone for the next 9 months.

A girl screams in Manmeet’s room. Manmeet gets scared of her scream and says, “What are you doing in my room?”. Meet asks, “Who said it was yours?”. Manmeet adds, “Don’t take over my room!”. Manmeet pushes Meet from bed and says I won’t let you take over my room. Meet lies down on the bed and says I’m going to sleep here. Then, Meet says I have the right to do everything until I leave and asks him to move on. Manmeet says you can try your best to get rid of me. Manmeet switches off the light and goes to bed.

Manmeet hears someone calling Shagun late at night. Meet begins speaking and her voice sounds different as if she were summoned. Manmeet looks at her and becomes scared. Meet looks at him and starts laughing, joking about Shagun and Manmeet, and kicks him, causing him to fall to the ground.

As Manmeet gets scared, he grabs a pillow and walks out of the room. Meet stops acting and says, “He must have heard me before now.”. Shagun comes out of the room and asks, “What’s this noise?”.

Shagun is standing outside. Meet opens the window and says you are late, I told you earlier he was scared of me. Shagun says I don’t believe you. Meet says you should go find someone else because he can’t win from me. Shagun walks away.

When Anuja dressed as Meet, her mother looked at her and said, “Now you are our last hope.”.

The meeting begins as Meet walks towards the kitchen. Anuja carefully walks downstairs but pushes a pot by mistake. Meet becomes alert and asks who is there.

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