Meet 21st January 2023 Written Update

Babita asks Meet to speak to Manmeet. Raj tells her it’s her life and her choice. As Manmeet shouted from outside, “I am a famous wrestler and I am requesting you to talk to me, but you are upset, so I will protest here until you explain what is wrong.” The next day, Meet walks away from the door. Babita and Raj still see Manmeet outside.

She goes to her room, looks at Meet Ahlawat’s picture, and begins to cry. Meet opens the door and gets angry when she sees Manmeet still waiting, it reminds her of Meet Ahlawat. Meet’s room is cold, so Babita asks her to open the door and call Manmeet inside. Then Raj gets some bonfires for Manmeet and says she is very rigid and won’t agree. Manmeet says don’t worry, I will investigate. Raj leaves.

The next day, Meet sees Manmeet sleeping outside on his bike. When he sees you, he thinks of Meet Ahlawat. He closes the door. As Babita explained to Meet, I know it hurts you to see people in pain, but why so harsh on Manmeet? I can’t see him like this, so I will give him breakfast.

Meet gets a call, she takes breakfast from Babita and walks to Manmeet. Manmeet is sleeping and talking about winning the gold medal. Meet wakes him up and tells him there is a surprise selection meeting tomorrow morning. It is not his fault if he looks like Meet Ahlawat. Meet says that is the only reason she is upset with him. Manmeet says forget about the past and let’s be friends now. Meet shakes hands with Manmeet.

As I was saying it is my competition, come and cheer me on, and I will get permission from Uncle Aunty. Raj says go Meet. Manmeet very happy and says let’s go.

Meet says he will ride my bike, Manmeet says he won’t, and they both leave. Babita prays for Manmeet and Meet to get together. When Jashoda’s daughter-in-law goes near Panditji to see who the girl is, Jashoda scolds her and says all this smartness won’t work in front of her.

A group of Mahendra’s men stops Manmeet and Meet. Manmeet asks them to stay away. Meet tells Mahendra he has competition, so let him go. Mahendar says no unless you tie him a rakhi. As Manmeet attacks him, Mahendra points the gun at him and says he’ll see how you get there. I’ll be back soon, Meet tells Manmeet.

Upon reaching Akhada, Meet tells Chotu that Manmeet won’t be able to come here and don’t worry, I won’t let his dream end. A weak woman is trying to go to Bhole Baba, which has 500 steps. Manmeet says Dadi, don’t worry, you remember me of my Nani, Bhole Baba will come to you.

The organisers say Manmeet should be here, we won’t go anywhere. Meet convinces them to come with her to see him. Mahendra tells Dadi that Manmeet fooled you. Dadi shows them Manmeet. Manmeet walks up to Dadi with Shivling. Everyone bows in respect to him. As Manmeet’s strength is seen by the organisers, they are in awe.

Mahendra asks what nonsense this is and leaves after Manmeet rests the Shivling. Manmeet is blessed by Dadi during pooja.

The organisers tell Manmeet that he has been selected.

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