Meet 19th February 2023 Written Update

Now nobody will stand between my dream and the documents walking in the corridor. Meet walks over to Sapna and helps her get up. Meet says let me call a doctor for you. Sapna says no need and stumbles. Meet says if you don’t want a doctor I’ll call Jasodha or Gunwanti. Meet says to Meet, “Don’t tell anyone about my health, I’m fine.” Gunwanti asks them what they’re talking about. Gunwanti walks to Sapna and gives her res chillies to grind. Sapna leaves the room with the chillies. Imarti outside the room hears everything and thinks to herself, “I have to find out what Sapna is hiding from everyone.”

In Imarti’s room, she finds chalk, tamarind and pickle along with some tablets. Imarti gets confused and asks if Sapna is pregnant. Chanda calls Meet and asks about documents. Meet says work is done, I have to document. Chanda asks her to leave. As Meet was about to leave, Sapna got sick. Chanda says there are many people to care for her, so don’t wait for a moment, just leave. Meet disconnects the call. Unconscious, Manmeet lies on the floor.

The kitchen is filled with sapna grinding chillies. Narendra comes up to her and says give me a hand. I’ll help you grind, you can take some rest. Sapna says people are going to make a mess if they see you doing ladies work. Sapna says let me do it.

Imarti outside the kitchen hears Sapna and Narendra talking. Meet walks to them and congratulates them, and asks them to tell everyone. In Sarkarpur, if you are carrying a girl, it is just like a funeral and everyone has the same rules and regulations as when you are carrying a boy. In this place, every girl is a puppet and I don’t want bad life for my girl. Meet says you are right, but now that men and women are equal, discrimination is illegal. Narendra says to Meet that you already have suffered a lot.

Meet tells Sapna not to tell anyone until we figure out how to bring this baby into this world. Meet says I’m with you. Chanda calls Meet and tells her to get out of there as soon as possible. Meet says I’m coming, and she disconnects the call. Meet walks away.

A meeting with Sapna and Narendra takes place outside the kitchen. Meet tells Sapna he won’t tell anyone, but after seeing your condition everyone will have doubts. He writes his number with address and asks them to contact the doctor. Gunwanti tells them what is going on. The slip falls near Gunwanti’s foot after Narendra tries to hide it. Gunwanti asks Meet about Manmeet. Meet looks at the slip and says she doesn’t know. Gunwanti begins walking away with the slip stuck to her foot.

Sapna gets scared and tells Meet that if anyone knows about Slip, they will try to find out about the baby and take me to the gender reveal test. Meet says he will get it for you and follows Gunwanti. Seeing everyone sitting in the hall, Imarti thinks it’s time to tell them Sapna is pregnant, but she gets scared that if Sapna has a boy, nobody will respect her and she’ll be thrown out.

Meet follows Gunwanti, telling her I must stop her from going to Manmeet or else my plan will fail. Gunwanti goes towards terrace in search of Manmeet. As Meet walks to Gunwanti, she tells her there is only one ritual left for Valentine’s Day, and she tricks her to wash her legs so she can get the slips.

She recalls what Sapna told her about gender discrimination in Sarkarpur. Chanda calls Meet and says she has documents, but she is still unhappy because she has experienced discrimination with women in this house, how everyone behaves with them and they need me. She asks her to leave and think about Meet Ahlawat’s dream. Meet disconnects her call.

Jasodha looks for Manmeet and asks Dhanraj about him. Dhanraj says Manmeet went upstairs to meet Shagun. Gunwanti says this is not possible, she’s home. Jasodha asks who came to meet him if Shagun is home. Meet is planning something. Gunwanti says I searched him everywhere. Jasodha asks her to go with her.

Sapna feels dizzy. Meet asks her to sit and says I’ll get honey and ginger for you. Gunwanti and Jasodha are in the hallway. Meet gives Sapna ginger and honey, she writes the address of the doctor and gives it to her.

Meet looks at Meghna and remembers how she asked her to help every woman in the house. I think I have documents but I still think my win is empty, I have to think about Meet Ahlawat’s dream.


Meet shows Chanda the factory documents and tells her I’m finally free of them.

Meet shouts atleast listen to me before going, these documents are fake. Meet says if I see you in Sarkarpur, I’ll ruin you and your family.

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