Anupama written episode update 20th Feb, 2023

Anupama written update

The episode starts with Baa complaining that Anupama has gone away.  The family asks her to stop complaining because Toshu is okay and happy now.  

Kavya is upset because she has lost the assignment as Mohit has given it to soeone else.

Little Anu is getting ready to cut the cake with Anuj and Maaya and is upset because Anupama is not with her.  All of a sudden Anupama comes and holds her hand.  Maaya is upset seeing the three of them together and happy.  Maaya is not at all happy seeing Anupama around. After cutting the cake and feeding each other Anupama takes a piece to feed Maaya but she holds her hand and stops her.  Maaya says that she has put almonds in the cake and as she is allergic to almonds hence she cannot eat the cake. Anupama says that she has taken so much trouble to make the cake so she should have made it without almonds.

Maaya says she did not expect Anupama to come back so soon. Little Anu also says she was not expecting her and thought Anupama would stay with Toshu for a few days.  Little Anu asks if she was missing her or Anuj.  Anupama replies that she will not be going back to the Shah house so soon unless there is an emergency.  Little Anu is excited now as Anupama can accompany her to the picnic.  Anuj and Anupama are surprised to know there is a picnic.  Little Anu says she did not inform them before as she thought Anupama will not be coming back so soon.  She thought Anupama will stay at the Shah house for a few days more and will not come home.

Maaya says she would have accompanied her for the picnic but Little Anu insists that she only wants to go with her mom and dad. Anuj once again asks if Anupama will definitely go for the picnic.  He is worried that if there is again an emergency at the Shah house then Little Anu will be disappointed.  Maaya also says that Little Anu should not miss the picnic and Anupama should not make promises and then break them.  Anuj says that this time he will not tolerate if Anupama backs out for any reason and Little Anu is disappointed again.  Anupama is sorry that she could not make it in time for the dance competition but this time she will definitely for the picnic without fail.

The phone rings with Samar calling.  He cannot find Toshu’s medicine.  Anuj says last time not only was Little Anu upset but he too was very upset and does not want the same issues to come up again  Just then Baa calls to inform her that Toshu has an appoinment with the hospital next morning and she wants Anupama to come home and then accompany him to the hospital.  Anupama refuses saying she has spoken to Vanraj and he will be going with Toshu to the hospital.  Her presence is not needed.  Anuj again says that the Shah family cannot live without her.  In just a few minutes that she has returned they have already called her twice.  He does not think that Anupama will be able to give her 100% to Little Anu at the picnic.  The phone rings again and it is Baa calling.  Anupama does not take the call.  Anuj once again tells Anupama that she will not be able to mange to go with Little Anu for the picnic.  He agrees to go to the picnic with her.  Maaya insists on going herself.  She says she can manage on her own.  She asks Anupama if she has any problem if she goes for the picnic with Little Anupama.

Anupama is confused and does not reply.

Maaya asks if there is any issue if she goes for the picnic.  Anuj tells Anupama that Maaya should go for the picnic with Little Anu.  Anu comes with her list for the picnic.  Maaya takes the list from her and tells her that she will be coming for the picnic and not Anupama. Anuj tells her not to misunderstand him.  He knows that she can manage with Little Anu but he does not want her to be disappointed and he also does not want any more issues in between them.  Anupama agrees to let Anuj and Maaya go for the picnic.  Little Anu says she will miss Anupama a lot at the picnic.  Anuj asks Little Anu to follow all instructions that Anupama has given her.  

This week: Vanraj tells Anupama that he feels very peaceful when she comes home.  Anupama gets angry and tells him that she is happy with her husband and he should not think otherwise.  

On the other hand we see Maaya holding Anuj’s hand and happily going for a walk with him. 



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