Anupama: Anuj leaves Anupama when she needs him the most

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Latest Episode Update of Anupama 25th March 2023


Devika is worried about what is happening with Anuj and Anupama.  Dimple, Ankush and Dheeraj also hope all is fine and they come out of their room with a smile on their faces.

Anuj picks up his bag and goes out of the room.  Anupama is standing in their bedroom shocked.  She then runs after him and tries to stop him.  Everyone else also holds him and tries their best to convince him and stop him from leaving the house.  He refuses to listen.  Dheeraj then slaps Anuj in anger. Dheeraj shouts at him and tells him that he cannot be acting so stubborn and leaving the house for such a small matter.  Anuj retaliates saying it is not a small matter. This is a big matter for me he says.  Anuj tells Ankush that he has mailed him the Power of Attorney which he has made in his and Anupama’s name.   He has also given all instructions to his lawyer so that nobody has any problems. He tells everyone he does not want to stay in the house anymore. Anupama tries to stop him.  Anuj says that there are so many cracks in our relationship now that we cannot stay together anymore.  Anupama pleads with him to look into her eyes and tell her that he does not love her any more.  She knows he loves her.  She keeps asking him if he loves her. Anuj walks away without replying.

Anupama stands outside the house remembering the moments from the first time she met Anuj.   Anupama screams out Anuj’s name and then faints.

Hasmukh is worried and insists on going to meet Anupama.  Just then Dimpy calls Samar to tell him that Anuj has left the house. For a few moments, Samar is in a state of shock.  He then tells the family that Anuj has left the house and left Anupama.  The Shah family are upset. Kavya says at this time they should support each other and Anuj left Anupama.  Vanraj smiles and says Anuj turned out to be just an ordinary human being.  Just talking about great things does not make a person great. Samar goes to meet Anupama.  Hasmukh wants to go along but the family stop him.  Adhik and Paakhi accompany Samar. 

Kavya notices Vanraj smiling.

Devika and Dimple manage to bring Anupama to consciousness. Anupama tries to go in search of Anuj as soon as she regains consciousness. Everyone holds her and tries to stop her.  Dimple convinces Anupama that Dheeraj has gone to find Anuj and he will surely bring him back.  Barkha replies that when Anupama could not stop Anuj how will Dheeraj bring him back? She says when a person is hurt even God cannot convince that person.  She also tells Anupama that she can imagine how angry and upset Anuj is. She reminds Anupama that Anuj has left her and is gone.  Devika asks Barkha not to say anything to Anupama just now while she is hurt.  Barkha replies saying what should we do?  Give her false hopes and promises?  Someone has to tell her the truth.  Anupama is at fault as half her attention was on the Shah family.  Devika tells Barkha that at least Anupama’s family live in their own house.  Anuj’s family have forcibly parked themselves in his house.  What should Anupama do in such a situation?  Leave the house?  Barkha asks Devika if she is talking about her and Ankush. Devika says yes she is talking about them.  Devika also says that if Anupama talks about her family then it is a problem and what about Anuj’s family staying with them all the time?  Barkha says that we are her inlaws. Devika tells Barkha that Anupama’s family are independent and lives on their own.  Anuj’s family is like a parasite. Devika also tells Barkha that if she likes speaking the truth always she should also learn to listen to the truth and have the courage to face the truth. She says Barkha is a selfish and opportunist person and just now turning everything to her advantage.  When Ankush asks Devika not to say anything more she asks him why did he not stop the conversation a few minutes back when Barkha was talking.

Dimple says that Barkha is right.  Little Anu was being ignored and not being given much attention.  Devika asks her why did she not realize that when Anupama was busy fighting for her.  Why did she not tell Anupama to manage her family and that she would sort out her problems alone? Everyone uses Anupama when they need and now that they don’t need her they are blaming her.

Anupama walks out.  Devika follows her but Ankush stops her saying Anupama needs some time alone to get a hold of herself.

Vanraj is smiling and remembering how Anuj said that he is not like him.  He just cannot stop smiling.  Kavya comes and tells him that he looks very happy today.  When he enquires about Bapuji Kavya tells him how can he be okay when his daughter’s family is broken.  Vanraj says we cannot do anything about it.  Kavya replies that even if we cannot do anything about it we can at least stop being happy about the situation.  She says that Vanraj’s biggest problem was that everyone kept telling him that Anuj is a much better person than him and today he has finally got the chance to say that Anuj is also human and he too makes mistakes. His expression clearly says that he is happy with what Anuj has done.  Vanraj says he is not at all happy.  He is in fact upset that first he broke Anupama’s trust and then her confidence.  Kavya assures Vanraj and Anuj will return.  Anuj loves Anupama a lot and will not be able to live without her. Vanraj says we will see.  He also tells Kavya that if she wishes she too can leave and go to Anirudh.  She too will understand that husbands are not Gods and husbands are humans too.  Kavya says she will decide what she wants to do. She asks him to control his emotions and feelings as it is very visible on her face.

Vanraj thinks to himself that he will not be upset if Kavya leaves him and goes.  He thinks that there must be some connection between Anirudh coming back into Kavya’s life and Anuj leaving Anupama at the same time.

Barkha reads the Power of Attorney that Anuj has made in the name of Ankush and Anupama.  Barkha tells Ankush that now he has to take care of the Kapadia empire as Anupama is not in a proper frame of mind.  We cannot let the business suffer.  Fate has given him a second chance to prove himself.  Anuj trusts him and that is why he has given him the Power of Attorney.  He is the Boss of the Company now.

Anupama keeps remembering the words that Anuj said that she is the cause of his troubles now.  She hugs their photo and cries remembering their time together.


Dheeraj and Anuj are sitting in the park.  Dheeraj tells him that he loves Anupama and cannot leave her and go.  Suddenly he realizes that Anuj is not there next to him.

Ankush calls Dheeraj and asks him if he has found Anuj.  Dheeraj replies that he cannot find Anuj and Anupama.  The entire family is searching for them.

Barkha is on a call informing someone that from now onwards she will be managing the Kapadia empire along with Ankush.  Just then Paakhi walks in.

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