Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2023

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

As the episode starts, Aaliya tells Prachi that she will use her daughter against Prachi, just as she did with Rhea. She says when you don’t see your daughter with you, you will lose your mind. As Prachi is semiconscious, she sees Aaliya take her daughter, and her words echo in her ears. Rhea is stuck in traffic and asks people to pull out of their cars. She starts running.

Pallavi requests Shahana to take the cake from Ranbir and Prachi’s portion. Shahana decides to let them have it directly, and Dida offers her a plate of it. When she enquires why they want her to eat cake and laddoo, Dida replies that it would make her look like part of a good family. Rhea then gets a lift from a biker and goes to the hospital. The doctor informs Pallavi that cake is not allowed, to which Pallavi answers that they are glad anyway. The doctor advises them to celebrate back home instead, so Dida tells Shahana to smile and have some of the cake before returning home.


Aryan thinks I wish Mom was like Dida and Pallavi aunty. Shahana is coming. Aaliya stops seeing her. Rhea asks the biker to ride fast. Pallavi says we’ll meet Prachi. The nurse asks Pallavi to take her mobile. Dida and Pallavi take their mobiles. Shahana asks Aaliya if the girl is Prachi’s. Aaliya ignores her and leaves. Pallavi says so many missed calls from Rhea. Dida says even I got her missed calls.

Pallavi says I hope nothing bad has happened. Aaliya is leaving with the girl and stops seeing them. Rhea reaches the hospital and runs straight. Rhea does not see Aaliya. The doctor asks her to come, believing she is a nurse. Aaliya stops. Rhea asks Pallavi and Dida where they are. They go to Prachi and Ranbir’s room. Aaliya visits the doctor. The doctor asks Shilpa, where you are taking the girl and why you look so different.

Aryan and Shahana come to the room, where Prachi and Ranbir are resting. Shahana is taken aback by how they can sleep while Buji has kidnapped the baby. Rhea takes matters into her own hands and decides to search for her. Meanwhile, Pallavi and Dida arrive, waking up Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir regains consciousness immediately but Prachi demands to know where her daughter is once she wakes up. She then dashes outside with Ranbir following suit. Doctor enquiries about taking the baby with them. Rhea dials Buji’s number, as Aaliya leaves the area after bumping into a nurse in haste. Together, Prachi, Rhea and Ranbir follow Aaliya out of the ward and watch her get in a cab before it drives away.

Their search for Aaliya and the baby leads Prachi to ask Ranbir why he didn’t protect the baby and start blaming him. Ranbir says I was unconscious like you, so why are you blaming me? Pallavi says Aaliya is not here. Dida says she’s taken the baby with her. Prachi blames Ranbir and says you should have protected her, but Ranbir says I was unconscious in front of you.

Prachi blames Ranbir for his inquiry, but Rhea reassures him saying it wasn’t his fault; nobody expected Aaliya to act this way. Unexpectedly, a Nurse bumps into Aaliya and reveals she had gone that particular way, allowing them to chase her at the signal. Hence, Prachi runs as he orders his family to return home and such that he could bring her back safely; Ranbir promises and sets off. Eventually, Prachi arrives at the signal while Aaliya asks the driver to drive, however, he states he must follow the traffic light.

Aaliya informs her child that they will be familiar with thrills. Prachi enquires of the passersby if they had caught sight of Aaliya, yet she remains unseen. Prachi continues onwards, not noticing Aaliya concealing herself in her seat. As all the vehicles start to move, Prachi stands helplessly on the road and calls out for Panchi. Rhea turns up at that moment in a car and helps them both get in. Later on, when she reaches the godown, Aaliya orders her goons to bring a cradle for her baby and cautions them not to trust her as she can make it soar high in the air and may not be able to catch it again. She muses how scared it must feel.

The police call Ranbir. Two teams are prepared for him. The constable informs the other inspector. Ranbir tells Prachi to calm down. Prachi says bring Prachi first, and then I’ll be fine. She says I’m not like you. Ranbir asks why you are implying my fault. She blames him for not doing anything. If you knew that Aaliya Buji was being transferred to another jail, you would have gotten security and done something.

Rhea reveals that no one had predicted this would happen, to which Ranbir replies that he was powerless in the situation. He tries to soothe her, but Prachi furiously retorts telling him not to ask her to calm down. Ranbir then states that had he known about Aaliya Buji’s plans for revenge, he would rather have died than allow her daughter to be taken away. This only adds more hurt in Prachi and she angrily exclaims that she will keep repeating it till she reunites with her child. He apologetically admits that it is because of him and his words cause immense pain in Prachi’s heart.

Pallavi reprimands Ranbir and he apologizes to Prachi. She requests him to get her daughter, which Ranbir does, who then calls the doctor. A Police Inspector arrives on the scene and Pallavi and Dida inform them that Ranbir’s infant has been abducted. The Investigator enquires if they suspect anyone, to which Rhea replies positively and displays Aaliya’s image. Aryan reveals she is his mother, claiming to know where she has gone. Everyone including Pallavi, Shahana and others agrees to accompany him; pointing out that Aaliya owns two warehouses. The Inspector states he brought two squads with him.

Prachi says I want my daughter back and cries when Ranbir tells her the Nurse is coming. Pallavi, Shahana, and others go to Aaliya’s house, while Rhea is at the godown. Rhea calls Pallavi to see if Aaliya has been found. Pallavi responds that she does not know where she has taken the baby.

Prachi says she will come. Police, Ranbir, and others hear them. Aaliya says don’t bring the cops, if I see any cops then the cute little baby will go to waste.

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