Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode 29th January 2024 Update: Poorvi’s Perilous Situation Unfolds

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, RV and Yug eavesdrop on Ashutosh as he confides in his mother about Poorvi’s impending marriage to Jasbir. Overwhelmed, Ashutosh expresses his confusion and helplessness. RV intervenes, questioning Ashutosh about Poorvi’s whereabouts. Ashutosh, consumed by anger, refuses to face her. RV, determined to confront the situation, urges Yug to restrain Ashutosh, but Yug appeals to his sense of family duty. Frustrated, Ashutosh denies knowledge of Poorvi’s situation. In a heated exchange, Yug threatens Ashutosh, leading to a dramatic moment where he pushes Ashutosh in front of RV’s car. Ashutosh, shaken, promises to reveal the truth, prompting RV to halt the vehicle abruptly.

Dadi asks Dadu why we shouldn’t tell the family about Poorvi’s kidnapping. Dadu says the wrong things will have an end, and Poorvi is a good, honest, and truthful girl. Beeji says that’s why I like her so much. Dadu says he wanted her in the temple, not because she saved him, but because he felt she was RV’s life partner. He says RV will bring Poorvi back. Dadi asks him to call RV.

Prachi rebukes Jasbir, asserting that Poorvi has no desire to marry him. Jasbir retorts by listing Poorvi’s past suitors, including Ashutosh and RV, whom he labels as arrogant and overconfident. Prachi advises against criticizing others and reminds him that Poorvi will not marry him, even in his dreams. Enraged, Jasbir points his gun at Prachi, but Poorvi intervenes, hurling an object at the weapon. Prachi seizes the opportunity to grab the gun. As they prepare to leave, the firearm accidentally falls to the ground.

When Prachi and Poorvi pick up the sticks, a gun is aimed at Poorvi. Poorvi asks Prachi to leave. Jasbir asks the goons to lock Prachi in the room so that she can watch the marriage from inside. They lock her in the room. Jasbir and Poorvi are sitting for marriage. Poorvi is told not to marry Jasbir. Jasbir asks her to remain silent.

Khushi explained that she would talk to Armaan, and he would handle it. She expresses her concern for Prachi, mentioning that when it comes to Poorvi’s well-being, she puts her safety aside and may end up getting into trouble. Vishaka agrees, acknowledging that it could cause some problems. Khushi then leaves the room. Yug comments to RV that he witnessed a theatrical scene and recalls how RV had urged him to push Ashutosh while driving at high speed. RV defends their actions, clarifying that they were not trying to harm Ashutosh but rather intimidate him.

Meanwhile, Dadu calls RV, but he instructs Yug not to answer the call as he does not want to lie. In support of his friend, Yug affirms that RV is not capable of wrongdoing. Dadi adds that Harleen is unaware of the situation at hand, while Dadu suggests waiting for another 10 minutes before taking any further action.

The guests ask Harman when the wedding will happen. Ashok, Manpreet, and others come there. Harleen asks where they are. She sees them in Poorvi and RV’s rooms, but they are not there. She wonders why the marriage is delayed. Dada Ji instructed us not to tell you anything and told us it would be fine. Harleen asks them to say why he would ask you not to tell us. Harman says he will get Dada ji.

Prachi confronts Jasbir, condemning his actions as sinful and wrong. Unfazed, Jasbir orders his henchman to hold Prachi at gunpoint, threatening to harm Poorvi’s mother if anyone makes a mistake. Meanwhile, Tiger positions himself in a room, aiming at Prachi through a window. Prachi cleverly retrieves a phone from Tiger’s pocket and discreetly sends her location to RV. RV, informed by Poorvi’s mother, alerts Yug about the situation and Poorvi’s difficult position. Jasbir, impatient, urges the pandit to expedite the marriage ceremony, disregarding the earlier interruption. Poorvi, fearing for her mother’s safety, reluctantly agrees to proceed with the marriage. Prachi anxiously awaits RV’s swift arrival to intervene.


Jassi aims his gun at Poorvi and says he will see who saves her now. RV arrives. Poorvi tells him that he will not succeed.

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