Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Update

Akshay says that he doesn’t know if Ranbir likes him or not. Ranbir asks what is in you that she will like you. Akshay asks what? Ranbir says what you don’t have you won’t like. Then Akshay asks Ranbir why I feel you want to say something else. He asks him to help him. Ranbir refuses, saying she’ll slap me if I propose her on your behalf.

Akshay says she is very sorted, brave, and confident, and he wants to see her. Ranbir asks what her name is, and Akshay says he will show him. Ranbir says I shouldn’t go see her. He asks Akshay to go. Akshay says I have never discussed my personal problems with anyone before, but today I feel like I ought to.

In the cafeteria, Prachi and Kaya are talking. Akshay calls Prachi and asks where she is. Prachi says she is in the cafeteria. Akshay asks Ranbir if she will like him. Ranbir says she won’t like you 99 percent of the time, and she will reject you based on what you told me about her. Akshay asks why? Ranbir says it is your Papa’s business. Ranbir asks where she is. Akshay replies she’s in the third row. Akshay says he brought you to motivate me, but you ended my confidence.

As Prachi brings her file, Akshay is busy checking some files. Ranbir sees Priya and says that she is so good, and that she is made for him. He asks him to go and propose to her, and says that she will like you because you are a good person.

Akshay says he will propose her later. Akshay and Ranbir leave. Kaya sees Ranbir and thinks he is one in thousands. Prachi looks at Kaya. Kaya comes to her and says I wasn’t telling you about myself. Priya tells Prachi to stay away from Kaya and tells that she is not normal. Prachi says Kaya is good. Priya says that you are good and that’s why you think others are good. Prachi tells her not to watch crime shows and to focus on good things instead.

After signing the contract and securing funding, Akshay tells Ranbir that he has sanctioned funds for the project. Ashok arrives. Akshay tells him they met because of Kaya, but he has financed it because of its potential.

Ashok praises Ranbir and he says my son is very impressed by you. Ranbir says your son handled the situation well and is a good man. Ashok says he is my son and asks him to bring sweets. Ashok says he was a big man and Kohli Industries were there, but some Aaliya backstabbed them. Akshay asks him to bring sweets tomorrow. Ranbir goes. Akshay says he can be a big man, I don’t know why he is working for Kaya. She tells herself that she must keep her personal and professional lives separate, but cannot recommend him repeatedly; otherwise, everyone in the office will know that Kaya likes her manager.

Ranbir knocks on the door and Kaya says come in. She is walking towards him when some files fall down. She thinks she is losing her mind, in love and mad in his thoughts.

After saying the corner will hit you, he asks her to get up and says he’ll pick up the files for her. Kaya recalls Prachi’s words and asks Ranbir why do you look at me since I cared for you. Kaya replies yes. As he tells her he is finally working on the project, Ranbir tells her that he wants to give her the good news.

As he is about to hug Kaya, he stops and asks if she is happy. Kaya says yes. Ranbir thanks Kaya for the project and also for the funding. Kaya congratulates him. Kaya says I am talking to myself again, and thinks I am wasting my mind in love. Ranbir says all the best to me and leaves. Kaya smiles.

He recalls Ranbir’s words and thinks of Prachi. Prachi comes downstairs with Priya and he comes in front of her. This turns out to be a dream, as he sees Prachi coming downstairs with Priya. Prachi holds Akshay’s hand to keep him from falling down. Ashok tells Dadi that Prachi will like Akshay very soon. Dadi and Shahana tell Prachi that Ranbir’s family wants to adopt Khushi.

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