Faltu 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu is packing papads. Someone knocks at the door. She checks. The man says he has come to meet Charan and Pratap.

He says I got the job appointment letter, they got a job at JM Mart. She says they can’t work for you. He says we have finalized them. She asks how you knew we stay here.

He says they gave him the address. She shuts the door. She says who gave him the address, and what will happen now. The man goes to Sid and tells him that girl refused to accept the appointment letter. Tanisha brings Ayaan to the room. She shows him the decorations. She says I made them all for our special night, we’ll share the room. Sid asks if she doubts us, to keep an eye on her. Tanisha brings Ayaan to the room.

Dadi asks can’t Tanisha take Ayaan downstairs? Suhana says Tanisha took Ayaan to show the room, she was excited to show it, don’t wait. Sid meets Pappi. Pappi says I knew it, you will free me from jail, you are my brother. Sid stops him. It’s my personal work with her, she won’t go until it’s done, remember who I am, I can get you jailed, so go back to his village. Pappi says I won’t go without Faltu. Sid says do as I say, I have personal work with her, and she won’t go until it’s done.

Pappi gets angry, and Faltu says someone is watching us, and we have no choice but to leave. Charan says we can’t leave, we will talk to anyone clearly. Faltu thinks if Ayaan comes, he will ask about my marriage, and I won’t be able to answer, so Ayaan can’t come here. They go to see the marriage baraat. Pratap laughs and says the groom and bride are dancing Naagin.

She says we will have it tomorrow, they would have decorated the place well. He says yes. He gets sad. Faltu says we will have food at their place. Charan says I already got the food. She says we will have it tomorrow. He says yes.

Afterwards, she goes and dances with the girls. Ayaan comes and holds Faltu’s hand. He asks her not to speak. Just feel me and this moment. She imagines him. They dance together. She confesses love to him. He smiles. She also confesses love to him. She says everything will get punished because of my love. Her imagination ends.

The girl asks her if she’s hurt. Faltu thinks if this dream comes true, nothing will stay fine. Dr. Ajit comes and says you’re here. She asks what you’re doing here. Sid comes. He says I am handling the office, what’s going on here. Ayaan warns her not to interfere with him. He says he will do it.

I’m not interested in calling you, I’ll tell Tanisha that you’re busy with imp work. Ayaan asks the man to go. Everyone is with Tanisha. They tease Ayaan to ask for money.

Ayaan says take anything, but tomorrow, I won’t have cash on me. Tanisha asks him for money. He says you are also with them. Sid says Tanisha was always on our side. Ayaan says take anything but tomorrow, I won’t have cash on me.

Suhana says to make an online payment. Ayaan says it’s not good, just leave, take whatever I’m giving. Sid leaves. Ayaan enters and shuts the door. Ajit asks why you are staying in the chawl. Ajit says you shouldn’t stay here, I won’t like it. Charan says sorry, we got busy searching for a job and didn’t respond to your call.

He says fine, if you find this right, I will be glad to help. He goes. Charan says you want to stay here. It’s better if we stay away from him, he’s a nice person, he’s already helped us a lot, so I shouldn’t bother him. Charan smiles.


Ajit tells Charan and Pratap he likes Faltu and wants to marry her. Tanisha gets close to Ayaan.

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