Faltu 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 20th November 2022 Written Episode Update.

At the beginning of the episode, Faltu asked Ayaan to go home for his engagement, but he refused due to it being a new city. She insisted that she could travel home alone, since she ran a guest house. He offered to book her a cab and check her into a hotel before they depart, suggesting her training begins now. In response to this, an uproar was made by the villagers who came to confront Charan. Pratap told him not to leave as questions were asked about Faltu. Ayaan then asked her to call him when she needed help and said he’d be tracking the cab that he called for her. After thanking the driver for being like family and ensuring her safety, Ayaan thought about why he was so worried for Faltu even though he had left his own home and engagement.

Everyone warmly greets the guests. Janardhan informs them that the ceremony is due to commence in 2 minutes and that if he gets disrespected in front of Kanika then it will demonstrate that Ayaan is not his relation and cannot be considered his next of kin. Faltu contemplates her mother, calling Charan and comforting him, informing him she has arrived in Mumbai safe and sound. She adds that Ayaan is making sure she is well taken care of. Requesting for Ayaan’s whereabouts her father acts as though the call was for a reservation. He further pleads with the villagers to not meddle in his business, claiming ignorance on Faltu’s whereabouts. Faltu apologises to them but is stopped by the driver who inquires where she goes as she says Rajasthan and reveals they are here with Ayaan but doesn’t have his address before cutting off her conversation when he calls someone else, fabricating a story.

Tanisha attempted to phone Ayaan, but she was stopped by her mother Kanika who insisted that Tanisha not beg for explanations. She said it would be better if he prioritised her, and added that if he failed to do so then it would be okay to get Tanisha engaged with Sid. Tanisha asserted that she is not a toy to be passed around, but practicality dictated the matter at hand. Fortunately, it did not get as far as an engagement when Sid arrived, apologising for Ayaan’s lack of courtesy. Meanwhile, driver Faltu accompanied a client on delivery, however, his intentions concerned Faltu who felt something was amiss. The driver then asked for her new phone and switched it off, claiming all new phones require charging before use and reassured Faltu with assurances of safety like a daughter. Unfortunately, Faltu’s initial warning proved accurate when the driver sought to steal her bag; she ran away from him and the goons followed in pursuit.

The precap:

She runs on the road and is caught by goons.

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