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Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 14th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Savita awakens Kanika and says the police are going to arrest her. Faltu asks what. They go and watch Kanika get arrested. Faltu asks what they did. Ayaan returns home. Faltu hugs him. He says Kanika is wrong in that case; she will be arrested now.

Faltu inquires, “Will we be able to regain our house and business?” He says yes, we will stay happy. Tanu asks everyone to stop this arrest. Sumitra asks Ayaan to stop this. Dadi says Kanika should be punished. Tanu weeps. Sid says he’ll do something. Ayaan hugs Faltu.

I have to tell Ayaan where Dad is, and we’ll get our house and business back. Kinshuk says we’ll get it back. Shanaya asks Faltu why won’t he come to practice. Faltu says no, I’m not helpless now, I won’t cheat in cricket. Shanaya says you can’t do it; I’ll tell everyone. Tanu asks Faltu if she is okay. Faltu says no, do not come into my room without asking, Ayaan doesn’t like it. Tanu suspects a problem. Faltu gets ready. She worries and remembers Ruhaan’s words.

She says she knows this truth will come in front of Ayaan soon. Her inner self says Ayaan hates lies, you will be accountable for the family’s defamation, and this will end your relationship with Ayaan. Faltu asks her to stop saying that. Tanu hears Shanaya talking about her wrist injury. She goes and asks how do you know that you play cricket, does Ruhaan know about this, I will take you to a doctor.

Tanu says Shanaya is hurt. Shanaya says I am fine. Faltu says we’ll show the doctor it, we’re late. They leave. Ayaan and manager Malik meet the lawyer. The lawyer says everyone knows Janardhan. Malik says he sent Ayaan here so you could get justice for him. Ayaan gives the file to him. He says Kanika and Tanisha cheated us, we have a chance of regaining our business and house.

Ayaan firmly expresses, “I don’t want to falsely raise Janardhan’s hopes before tackling this matter.” Malik interjects, pleading, “They are genuinely good-hearted people, please lend them your support.” The lawyer provides reassurance, saying, “We will commence legal action against Kanika as Janardhan was unable to repay the loan within the given time.” We will seek testimony from both Ruhaan and Kanika.” Ayaan expresses gratitude, saying, “Thank you.” The lawyer affirms, “We will give our utmost efforts.” Malik and Ayaan depart, leaving the lawyer to make a phone call.

Faltu calls Ayaan. Faltu says she will talk to Ayaan and come. Ayaan asks you what’s going on. He says you don’t care about me, did you get bored. She says I was leaving for practice. He says I miss you a lot. Shanaya asks Faltu to come. He thinks to surprise her there and says that he has hope that everything will work out and that we do not need anyone’s favour.

Tanu also leaves. Ayaan says Faltu will be happy to see this bouquet. He gets Ruhaan’s call. Ruhaan says I heard you have returned to Mumbai. Ayaan says yes. Ruhaan asks why you didn’t come to work. Ruhaan asks him to come as soon as possible. He says we will find out what made you change your behaviour. Ayaan says okay. He goes to the office and meets Ruhaan.

It’s a stupid decision, I’m the boss, not you. Ruhaan says it’s a stupid decision, I’m the boss, not you. Ayaan says I know, you don’t need to be rude. During their argument, Ayaan says I have made this company and name, don’t forget, I have other work to do, so you should trust me. He leaves. Ruhaan thinks I found a way to get his business back.


As Tanu catches sight of Faltu playing, she accidentally collides with Shanaya. Perplexed, Tanu wonders, “If Shanaya is here, then who is playing under her name?” Her confusion clears as she realizes that it is actually Faltu whom she sees.

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