Anupama 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 3rd May 2023 Written Episode Update on

In her criticism of Anupama, Leela says Vanraj does not want to support Samar and Dimpy’s wedding arrangements, so she is left to handle all the details. Samar tells her not to worry because they’ll get it done. Leela inquires about who will perform Dimple’s kanyadaan.

Anupama will sit with Anuj for her kanyadaan, or with Vanraj for other rituals, as Dimple already told her that Anuj would perform her kanyadaan. As Hasmukh explains, there won’t be any issue, the parents will perform the rituals where they ought to and Anuj will perform the rituals where he ought to; even Vanraj is married and performs the rituals where he ought to, and Anupama is also aware of her duties.

As Anupama suggests, people will always find reasons to criticize us, even during this wedding, so let’s face it head-on. Samar proposes a solution to tackle this issue by opting for a court marriage instead of a lavish ceremony, avoiding unnecessary expenses and potential criticism from others. Leela expresses her opinion, mentioning that young individuals may not fully grasp the significance of traditional marriage rituals and the beauty of a bride adorned in a traditional sari with red embellishments.

As Hasmukh explains, modern marriages ignore traditions because there is a reason behind them. She asks if the last marriage will happen according to her wish or not as Vanraj’s marriage took place according to her MIL’s wishes and the rest of the marriages took place according to their wishes, so she wants at least this marriage to follow her traditions and wishes. Dimple returns home. Hasmukh supports her and says expenses will be calculated.

While cleaning utensils with Kanta, Anupama shows her excitement to meet Anuj. A vegetable vendor’s daughter walks in. Anupama wonders why she hasn’t been going to dance class for a few days. Kanta asks where her papa is. Bhairavi begins crying and says her father is critically ill. Anupama comforts her. Adhik stops Barkha from taking antianxiety pills.

Now, they find themselves compelled to assume the role of servants in front of Anuj and Anupama, as they were unable to prevent them from returning home. According to Ankush, she behaves as if she owns everything as if Anuj and Anupama were hers all along. He criticizes her for lecturing on feminism while relying on her husband’s wealth to sustain a lavish lifestyle. Perhaps, after working at the Taj Mahal for a few days, she might even consider owning it.

When Barkha provokes Adhik against Paakhi, she says she cares more about her mother and parents and not about them; Adhik is now king and will be a slave again once Anuj returns, and he will have to slave at the office and then at home again. Asked what kind of sister she is who tries to destroy her own brother’s home, Ankush questions her.

Barkha continues to brainwash him. Adhik walks away. Ankush asks where he went. Barkha says Paakhi went directly to Shah house. Ankush warns her not to spoil children’s lives for her personal gain. Barkha says she will stop Anupama from returning to this house.

Paakhi receives disapproving glares from Vanraj and Leela. Leela questions if Paakhi is content after bringing together two shattered hearts in Mumbai. Paakhi clarifies that they haven’t achieved reconciliation yet. Vanraj angrily shouts at her, demanding to know why she hasn’t focused on saving her own marriage first. He further questions if she sought Adhik’s permission before leaving for Mumbai. Just as Paakhi enters, Adhik interjects with a resounding “no.”

Paakhi asserts that Adhik is her husband, not her boss, implying that she doesn’t need to seek his permission. Adhik raises his voice, expressing his frustration that she didn’t even bother to inform him. Kinjal and Kavya say Paakhi went to Mumbai for a good cause. Adhik says she would have informed him and gone. Paakhi asks if his sister would have let her go then. Vanraj asks what she gained by going to Mumbai.

Paakhi places the blame on Vanraj and Leela for creating distance between Anuj and Anupama, emphasizing that she played her part in reuniting them, as everyone should. She scolds Vanraj for attempting to separate Anuj and Anupama and marry Anupama once again instead of embracing a genuine friendship. She accuses both Vanraj and Leela of wanting to bring Anupama back to the Shah house to serve as their submissive follower.

Leela denies her allegation. Paakhi asks them to take an oath then. Both stand still. Paakhi says it is good that they did not take an oath otherwise they would have stopped so low. Upon returning home and reuniting with Anuj and Anupama, she further warns that Barkha will be kicked out of the Kapadia house.

Paakhi warns him to leave her hand. Adhik says he is not manhandling her. Vanraj and Samar warn him to behave. Adhik shouts enough of her nonsense, he’s here to talk to her. Adhik continues his rude behaviour. Paakhi says stop it, she thought they’d all be happy to reunite Anuj and Anupama, but they all don’t want it. She leaves there. Leela accuses Paakhi of ruining her marriage in an effort to reunite Anuj and Anupama. Adhik follows her. Anuj happily packs his bags and gets ready to return home. Maaya looks sadly at him as he blames him for the problems in their lives.

After Paakhi’s confrontation, Anuj realized how much he loves Anupama and wants to return to her after Neeraj and Devika tried to explain to him so much. Anupama can visit Little Anu at any time, and he continues to express his love for her.

He then notices Maaya with tears in her eyes and memories of Paakhi confronting Maaya flood his mind. He acknowledges that Maaya has been a great support, helping him immensely during his difficult times and even facilitating his meetings with Little Anu. He expresses his gratitude towards her and assures her that he will always be there to lend a helping hand. Despite Maaya’s awareness of the depth of his love for Anupama, she pleads with him not to leave her.

When she saw the love between him and Anupama, she managed to contain her emotions and go back to Mumbai. But when he came to visit her, she could no longer control her feelings. Anuj implored her to stop as he was aware of why he had come – for his daughter – and because he understood her intimacy towards him, it was impossible that he would ever return the same feelings; his heart belonged solely to his wife and daughter and there was no room left for a third person. He has declared the fact that he loves only Anupama.


As Anuj prepares to meet Anupama, she receives a message and informs Kanta that Anuj is on his way. While Kanta endures the pain of separation, she cannot bear the shattered hope of reconciliation. She firmly states that she won’t send her daughter to her in-laws’ house until she is certain. Anuj’s excitement intensifies, causing Maaya to feel anxious.


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