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Suhaagan 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya holding Phoolwati’s hand. Phoolwati says you have held my hand. Bindiya says their house runs due to the farm and asks her to think at least for Dadi, she doesn’t want the farm to be sold. Phoolwati asks whether your dadi will cultivate crops on the farm or if your parents will do so.

Madan informs Rekha that he will be going to Chiraiya. Bindiya volunteers to take up farming responsibilities and tend to the crop harvest. Dadi questions how Bindiya, being a child, can manage such tasks. Bindiya explains that she is staying with her grandparents, which enables her to contribute.

Later, Madan receives a call from Bindiya and asks Rekha to call Payal. Payal arrives and praises Bindiya’s uncle and aunt. She invites Bindiya and Dadi to visit her place. Bindiya expresses her willingness to go as soon as Payal is happy.

When Amma asks Bindiya if Madan can help, she says no. She tells her that she will handle the work and asks Amma to let Payal stay there for a while. Phoolwati tells Bhim that she is Buddhiwati as well, and says Bindiya cannot do anything and will fall on her feet. Bindiya assures Amma that she will receive a good harvest. A man comes to Payal and asks what Bindiya said. Payal is watching TV and doesn’t reply. Rekha angrily switches the TV off. Payal says Bindi said that she will come to take her.

Bindiya notes down what Amma told her about the dos and don’ts of getting Ram Pyaari’s milk twice with a regular gap. Madan tells Rekha that they are living peacefully because of this trouble. Madan says that they love each other very much and will come to get Payal. In the room, Rekha sees Payal sleeping. Rekha takes the pillow to suffocate her, but Payal turns around. Rekha wonders what I will do. Madan asks for papad. Madan says she is angry like jwala mukhi after serving it.

Amma wakes Bindiya and thinks Phoolwati gave her a tough challenge. Bindiya says she can handle it. She asks her to sleep and goes. Dadi blesses her. As she sings like Dadi used to sing, she gets scared and thinks about how to make it love her. She then comes to Ram pyaari and tries to befriend it. She puts grass on and tries to get milk after an hour.

When she recalls, a Facebook post is shown with her mother encouraging her to overcome her fear. She gets the milk from Rampyaari, jumps and the bucket falls. She thinks about how she can beat the challenge now.

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