Suhaagan 7th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As soon as Bindiya enters the room, Payal hides. Indu asks Krish if he has woken up, and with whom did he talk? Krish says he was looking at the painting. She asks him to get ready, and tells him that everyone has gotten up. As she turns to leave, she finds her pallu stuck. As Krish shows his hands in front of her, Bindiya frees her pallu and sees shoes. Indu tells her that they haven’t received tea yet.

Baldev reminds her that she used to skip even a glass of water before puja, but now she lights the diya and prepares your favorite bhog after waking up. Indu asks about his daughter-in-law’s contribution. Vikram humorously remarks that it feels like a Bahubali has arrived. Sakshi reprimands the servant for not preparing food yet and reminds him that he should also treat her like a motherly figure, just like Baldev does. Bindiya excitedly inquires about the presence of Pallu, but Krish interrupts her and unintentionally pulls her onto the bed. She tries to get up but falls on him again, creating a romantic moment between them. Aadha Ishq plays in the background…..

Payal might have left her shoes here. Bindiya says I’ll move it. Krish says I want my room back and asks if I can move in here. Bindiya says no. Krish says ok and asks her to leave.

When Sakshi comes out of the room wearing a bathrobe, Baldev shouts, asking what is wrong with her. He thinks Papa ji will like my bread and butter now. Indu and Sakshi taunt her as well. Baldev says, thank God, we don’t have a girl like her, and asks her to change. Krish shouts at Baldev and says you know what she has gone through, and says she is Bindiya’s sister.

Sakshi inquires about what’s bothering Bindiya, who responds by mentioning a recent conversation with Payal. Indu then asks about the reason for Payal’s secrecy, to which Krish offers an explanation – separation anxiety. He goes on to point out that if his sister can stay here, why can’t Bindiya’s? Nidhi adds that they’re both similar in this aspect. Baldev voices his issue with her dressing and attitude, leading Krish to mention how his words made Bindiya emotional. In response, Bindiya acknowledges that elders’ advice may be harsh but it ultimately benefits them. She further mentions how she didn’t take offense to Bau ji’s words and hopes others will understand her like Baldev did.

Later, Payal comments on the old man’s presence, comparing it to a black cat. She reveals that she went to win over Krish. Bindiya then joins them and questions Payal’s thoughts. She reminds her that this is not just any hotel, but their sasural (in-laws’ house), and she must stay within boundaries. Payal admits to feeling uneasy about what happened earlier and considers going back home. Bindiya comforts her and encourages her to let go of her fears and focus on something else. She reassures Payal that if she doesn’t feel comfortable staying here, she can always stay with her in Chiraiyya for a few days. Bindiya explains that she is still adjusting here as well.

Payal reassures me that she understands, while Bindiya believes I may not understand and will stay with Krish. Bindiya then mentions sending me after the first rasoi rasam. In the meantime, Krish apologizes to Baldev for speaking in a raised tone, to which Baldev responds with forgiveness. Sakshi informs Indu that Krish now has a sister-in-law, wearing a bathrobe. Payal expresses her deep regret over this situation, but Baldev kindly reminds us not to dwell on it. He then instructs Krish and Bindiya to kneel in front of the Goddess together. As Payal moves to do the same, Baldev stops her, clarifying that he asked only Krish and Bindiya to do so as a couple.


Then, Baldev asks Krish and Bindiya to get ready for pagphera while Payal pretends to fall down the stairs.


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